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I feel your pain. I was contacted by Optus telling me that I had to sign over to NBN. After 45 minutes on the phone recording agreements to terms etc. I was booked in and someone would be contacting me with my appointment to connect. After a number of weeks had gone by, I thought I would chase it up. After being passed from person to person explaining what had happened they then tell me they had no record of me signing up. Back to the drawing board and another 40 mins signing up. I was contacted and appointment made 30th August. Two weeks prior to this date, I rang and asked if the date could be changed to 1st of September, unfortunately it was not available. Customer support person was very helpful and said they would keep trying. The email link they had sent me was checked again on Monday night 11th September only to find I had an appointment the following morning between 8am and 12 pm. Tuesday's are my busiest day at work but I took the time and waited for the technician to arrive. 12pm came and no one arrived. When I spoke with customer service chat line to vent my disappointment, the attitude was sorry but your appointment is on the 19th September. I copied the appointment page showing 12th September and sent that to her. Sorry again. I told her that Tuesday's are not good for me and I have already wasted half a day for nothing. I asked her to come back to me by the weekend with a solution. Today another text confirming my appointment on the 19th. On the phone again to customer service NBN today. Sorry again but still no solution or compensation for my time. All they want to do is blame NBN. I have had enough of poor Optus Service and with other mobile phone issues and will be going to report to Ombudsman and take my business elsewhere if I don't get a satisfactory response before the weekend.

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Really sorry to hear about the difficulties you've faced with your NBN, @Jandlholmes. This isn't the experience we want you to have with us. Has this been resolved since posting? If not, please send us a PM with your full name, DOB and account number here so that we can investigate further.

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Well put. Optus use to be so good but now day their customer service is terrible. I have spent days trying to get help with an issue I have. I keep getting told things promised things and in some case just treated rudely and at the end of it all the people still haven't resolved the problem.  I have wasted over 8 hours of my time and still am now near to getting an answer to me issue.



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Dear Mr Allen Lew


Please solve this rather pathetic issue Optus are causing.


Optus are selling faulty handsets when they know that there is an issue with a particular batch. They have a new batch that are unaffected by the problem yet they won't quarantine the existing affected batch and replace them with the unaffected stock from the warehouse.

The Huawei mate 20 pro has a problem with the screen and a green tint display. This is caused by a certain batch manufactured by LG and is being caused by the resin (glue) that fixes the screen. This is known around the mobile industry as #gluegate.
I am in need of upgrading my phone, this phone is a fantastic phone without the faulty screen, I asked Optus to send a new unaffected handset to my local Optus Bendigo store where I can trade up to a new phone, however they are refusing to do this and want to do it the difficult way of supply me a handset if it's faulty I can return it for a replacement/ Different phone (additional costs) or cancel service and go to a different company.
As I am very sick and have disabilities, I cannot go without my phone in case of medical emergencies, this I explained to Optus but there's no response from them to do a simple task of sending a courier with a handset to the store.
As seen on their forum Yescrowd some customers have had their handset replaced 3 or more times with the same problem. 
The employee at the Bendigo store hung up on me when I enquiring if they had good Unaffected Stocks of this handset. Their CEO has issued a warning to staff not to upset customers. Yet they seem to be causing many customers a major headache with this issue.

Singtel Optus chief executive Allen Lew has told staff "they will be sacked" if they are found to be upsetting customers and has encouraged employees to "dob in" colleagues who are not up to scratch, after the telco had a 35 per cent surge in complaints.


The telecommunications company holds weekly “TGIF” (Thank God It’s Friday) meetings, where Mr Lew speaks to hundreds of Optus’ staff in person at the business’ Macquarie Park campus in Sydney and live-streams the conference to Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. At the last two TGIFs a furious Mr Lew warned employees of his no-nonsense approach to improving their reputation with Australians.


“The customer is why we exist. If you make customers unhappy, you will be sacked," Mr Lew told employees, according to a staff member at the  meeting.

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