The worst customer service ever


Have been trying to connect to NBN for 2 months and i get told different things everytime I call. Was sold a modem that i didnt even need for $240!! Try to lodge multipke complaints and they have all gone unanswered! Noone seems to know what they are doing! Absolutely frustrated. Will hve to disconnect all services despit the fact I have been a customer for 20 years! 

Re: The worst customer service ever


I empathise with you.  I was one of the first to connect to NBN in my area (FTTN), and it took a while to get things running smoothly.  We've had months of good service (on the basic 12/1 plan), interrupted by bouts of continual dropouts, which are a real pain.  After lots of to-ing and fro-ing between Optus and NBN these eventually get fixed, and things are good again for a while.  It seems both heavy rain and very hot weather cause malfunctions in the system somewhere.


Altthough Optus has tried to streamline the fault reporting process, having their service centres located offshore and staffed by people whose accents are sometimes difficult for Australian ears to understand doesn't help matters.  I've found these people to be unfailingly polite and willing to help, but they are limited in what they can achieve because ultimately it is NBN's responsibility to fix any faults in its system.  And in my case, I was informed by Optus on several occasions in follow-up texts that NBN had resolved the issue, only to have the drop-outs re-occur soon after.


As a temporary solution I used my mobile phone, connected to Optus' 4G+ network, as a wireless hotspot.  The difference in speed was amazing.  Whereas I had been getting download speeds of between 4 and 10 Mbps (on a good day) with NBN, I was now getting 45 Mbps.  And NO dropouts! I have therefore decided to cancel my NBN service, and replace it with Optus' Mobile Broadband plan.  The only downside is I can't use my home phones as there's no VOIP facility with the mobile broadband, but then, I couldn't use them anyway when the NBN line dropped out mid-conversation. 

If you're still having troubles connecting to NBN in a few weeks' time, and you have good wireless reception, I recommend looking at the Optus mobile broadband plans. 200 GB of data per month is $60, and 500 GB is $80, so the pricing is quite competitive.

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