The differences between nbn connection Box nbn wall socket


I got a new modem which has different specifications. It asking to connect nbn Connection Box, but I don't have this box. My old modem was connected nbn wall socket. What's the differences between nbn connection Box and nbn wall socket? And I upgrade my internet speed, but it still not change.

Re: The differences between nbn connection Box nbn wall socket


Depending on your connection type and how your property is connected, then there are different equipment..check it out here


If you have an NBN wall plate and it has a RJ45 connector, is you can plug your network cable into it, then connect a network cable to it and have the other end connect to the WAN port of your Optus Sagem modem and see if you have the internet. 


If your NBN wall plate has an F-Type connector, then you need an NBN NDT (modemish device), then connect the NBN NDT to your optus modem via then WAN port.


If your NBN wall plate is a regular phoneline, then connect to the ADSL port of your Optus modem. 


It all depends on what connection you have. If you already had NBN in the past, then just remove the old modem and connect your new optus modem back with the same cable in the same way. 

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