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Terrible experience, Please help!

1 I have talked to 10 different operators that said could I please put you on hold then hung up on me.
2 I have talked to 6 managers and 10 people who said they would call me back to sort things out and didn’t.
3 I have had 6 different people say they will sort out/fix and activate my internet but then never did anything about it.
4 I have had my internet activated 3 times in the last 2 months then they canceled my service soon after without asking or warning me.
5 I have then been charge a large cancellation fee even though I never asked to be canceled and only wanted internet you use
5 I have had three people say they will wave the megabytes over on my phone because their notifications texts were delayed/never got to me. That it has been their fault for the lack of internet and bad communication. Now I have been charged 120extra for doing nothing wrong.
6 I have talked to 100 operators over the last three months if you include chat operators. And their was only 1 that did a good job, was friendly and helped me out.
7 I have spent 33 hours in the last 2 to 3 mounts sorting this out. If I was them getting paid 24 dollars an hour I would have made 792 dollars. Instead I just lost 33 hours of my life. 
8 it has ruined multiple days of my life by trying to sort these things out then dealing with the anger of nothing happening or being fixed. These matters then stay with me the entire day.
9 I have bought 1400 dollar security cams for my house that run off the internet to beam the videos into the cloud to be stored. I have had multiple things go wrong that those video cameras would have caught but didn’t.
10 I suffer from insomnia since birth. I cared for my mother for 7 years while she had cancer an she died a year ago. Because of this my insomnia is a lot worse but now I have nothing to do at night. Everything I would do to distract myself requires the internet.
11 I have talked to abusive operators who instead of trying to help me try to throw things back at me and make it my fault. Instead of their operators owning up to the many mistakes Optus has made with my phone, account and internet. One person when I said my internet wasn’t working then said ok let’s look at the sites you visit. Then started listing off and telling me how many megabytes I used on my NBN in previous months. All when I am paying for an unlimited plan. He then told me to leave Optus. That @sshole tried to make everything my fault instead of owning up to the bad service I am receiving. 
12 at this point it feels like the phone workers are just messing with me and playing with my mind out of some sick joke. That is the only thing that explains the treatment I have had. I am almost 100% positive that is the case. So much so I am thinking about legal action and sending this case all across the internet, review sites and anywhere els I can to get help. As the abuse I have been getting from Optus is insane.
13 But the worst thing is losing 33 hours of my life trying to sort this out. Not being paid a cent for all my time and then still nothing is fixed. Everything I do to fix matters ends up nowhere. I still have no internet since my account was canceled without asking. I am still charged a cancellation fee when I didn’t want my service canceled and never asked for it to be. You are still charging me 120 over phone megabytes when I got no texts in time, no notifications and was promised by three different operators that the fees would be waved. I still have no internet to use and my bill is still 590 dollars over AFTER I ALREADY PAID MY PHONE BILL. I have had no real support or help at all. I have just been running in circles.
14 The only thing that can make this better is for Optus to put my bill to zero as it should be. As I have already paid for my monthly phone bill of 134 dollars and refuse to pay for the megabytes over that opus messed up on with. As I never went over and I feel that $120 dollars is someone not applying the credit to my phone properly. I also refuse to pay for a cancelation fee when I never asked for it to be canceled. Some terrible manager did that without asking which once again leads me to think there are a group of Optus employees messing with me out of their own idea of sick fun. And if my account is truly canceled for the third time in a month! I want to leave Optus internet. As you have had many months an 3 activation to get it right. 4 activations if you count the original activation I had.
to fix this my mobile and internet account should go down to zero for this month as I have already paid my monthly fee. Then my account for my Mobile service should go down to zero for the coming month should expect for my monthly service fee. No extra charges! No more stuff ups. Even better yet give me three months free on my mobile to make up for all the hours of my life that are on and and the pain and anguish I have received from Optus.
My account number is
excuse the bad grammar it being 4:38 in the morning I really can’t be bothered reading the whole thing. Especially after living through the whole thing and it impacting my life!
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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Terrible experience, Please help!

That is very disappointing to hear.

Without wanting to waste your time further, unfortunately this is not something we can assist with here on the online community.

If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details. (you can copy and paste the above to save time).

If for some reason it is still not resolved, please follow our complaints process.  


Please note I have hidden  your account number on this public forum for your own privacy.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now no longer part of Yes Crowd or Optus. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the forum during my time, especially the regulars! Cheers!
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