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New Contributor Robert2k
New Contributor

Terrible NBN Experience

Hello Everyone,

As the title states, I've had a terrible NBN Experience. Instead of getting better, it infact has gotten a lot worse.

Prior to this post, I was on live chat with Newton. He was doing his best to try and help me with my issues but unfortunately I was disconnected (happens often) due to internet drop out.

As I am an avid gamer, I love playing games pretty much everytime. However, due to poor speeds and major packet loss (10-60%, occasionally 80%+) I can no longer enjoy this.

Here are a list of my issues:

1. Internet speed very slow, recent speed tests have shown speeds from 0.25Mbp/s - 1Mbp/s
2. We pay for NBN 100/25 Mbp/s but never receive these speeds. We only recieve 40/15 Mbp/s in the early hours of the day. I think its unacceptable that we pay $20 extra and dont even reach those speeds.
3. Due to the Sagemcom router being terrible and constantly dropping out (every 10 minutes) We cannot continue with this router and have purchased a new NBN enabled TP-Link router
4. There are no VOIP settings anywhere for Optus? How can i use my VOIP service on my own router?
5. As I am an avid online gamer, i can no longer play games during peak hours. I get anywhere from 10%-70% packet loss in Dota 2, CS:GO, Discord, TeamSpeak and Rust.


I hope an Optus rep. sees this as at this stage, my service is utterly useless and is a waste of $115.

Below is a speed test I have taken just now, yes this is on NBN...

2017-09-20 21_57_42-Result #51694095 - Oz Broadband Speed Test.png

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Terrible NBN Experience

Whenever talking about the NBN, first thing to mention is what technology you are on - FTTN, FTTP, HFC?


You do have various options:


1) Its up to you if you want to keep paying the $20 premium. Unfortunately Optus don't offer the 50 speed tier so you can either drop the $20 and get 25 Mbps or keep paying and get 50Mbps (sometimes)

2) It does sound like your connection has specific techinical issues. Optus need to log the fault with the NBN and request a technician come out and examine the line. Ask them.

3) If the speed only drops in peak hour then its likely not an NBN issue - Optus will not be buying enough band width to cover your area. Its not something there's a ready 'fix' for until Optus buy more.

4) Constant drop outs and slow speeds are grounds to end the contract if you wish. You can request it based on non performance and Optus are generally accepting such requests at the moment. There would be no penalties to pay.

5) The router needs to be fit for purpose. You can request a exchange or refund on it if you need to.




Peter Gillespie

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