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Terrible NBN Experience

1 Called up on the 21st to get nbn connected at the next house. 

2 they stated someone would be out on the 26th to install NBN.
3 my phone went over credit so I asked if I could buy some more.
4 After an hour of him and another trying to sell me a plan of 70 dollars for 100 giabytes. He then tells me the SIM card for this service won’t be delivered for a week. That is 3 bloody days after the NBN was supposed to be delivered. So they were literally trying to hook me into another service when I only wanted internet until the nbn.
5 So after an hour of my wasted time by bad workers. I then get a really good worker by the name of Mary who resolved it and gave me 25 gigabytes on my phone till the 26th when NBN would be installed. 
6 then as I was using it your phone app was faulty. For well over 12 hours I had no Idea how much I was using till the next day when I could check it. Every time it just said Optus is currently making the app better, be back shortly. I had no idea how much I was using.
7 the day of the NBN install comes, I call them up at around 9 to make sure they’re coming. The person on the phone (after some time says yes, just wait.
8 Nobody comes and it’s 3:30. It usually takes two hours to get any resolution by Optus so I call up to see what is happening.
9 I get a worker who doesn’t know what they’re doing, they than put me on hold for half an hour.
10 I then get transferred to someone right next to her and I have to explain the whole situation again. 
11 After 30 minutes of talking he informs me the nbn person has activated yesterday. I said bloody great but where is he to put the port in!!!
And this also means the previous worker at 9am didn’t even tell me it is already active when she bloody could have and saved me a whole day of waiting then hours of phone calls later
12 he then says I can look for an old phone cable and use that (thats not NBN) but I look and don’t have one.
13 I then ask for him to put another lot of gigabytes on my phone till his technician can come out. And I say to him I am not paying a cent for Optus mistakes. Optus has cost me over 200 in online business. Ruined my day. And made it so a friend couldn’t come over. I said I am using my phone as much as I want until your technician comes out. He says ok, that’s fair, promises to fix it and puts me on hold.
14 I am then on hold for over 30-40 minutes hearing him sometimes breathing on the phone but not responding to me. Then I would say hello and he would put the music back on.
15 my phone then overheated and I got cut off. I screamed fu<k loudly. If he were here I would have beat him bloody.
16 I have been angry the whole day because of this, it has cost me hundreds in online work. It made it so a friend couldn’t come over that night. And I had to repeat what was happening about 10 times without people understanding or giving help. Look at all the workers who have worked for me in the last month and the only one you shouldn’t fired is a woman named Mary. Seriously nobody out of the 10 or so workers I talked to didn’t understand I needed an NBN port. And two workers tried to lock me into a redundant internet plan for over an hour before saying the sim won’t be delivered until 3 days after your NBN install. I mean bloody hell!! How thick every worker (besides Mary) is astounds me. The incompetence was one of the most aggravating things. That being said, All of this and the last giant fu<k up optus has is tempting me to sue. 
17 I want a technician out Thursday to install An NBN port free of charge and I want this months bill spunged. Anything short of this will not make up for the money lost by me, and will certainly not be enough for all the follow up and absolutely terrible experiences I have had with Optus.
My email is *hidden*
and I’m thoroughly disappointed in you Optus!
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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Terrible NBN Experience

Hi there,

That is very disappointing to read. Please note we have hidden your e-mail address as this is a public forum.

Regarding the outcome you are after this is not something that can be arranged here. If you have a social media account, please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or Twitter with the details. If not, please chat with us.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I am now no longer part of Yes Crowd or Optus. Thank you to all those who have contributed to the forum during my time, especially the regulars! Cheers!
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