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Terrible Customer Service Experience _Migrating to NBN

After many attempts to install NBN starting from September 2017, we finally had NBN technician completing the connection last Wednesday 07/03/2018. He also completed the activation step and informed me that all set to go and that my provider would contact me with information on how to go forward.

I receieved an SMS from optus shortly after (07/03/2018 7:54 pm) stating "You now have NBN. Complete your installation by connecting your OPTUS modem. for instructions, visit ....."

I installed the modem as per instructions and sucessfully got my internet connection to work. I set up my wifi network but I soon discovered it's actually a slower connection than what I had previousely from OPTUS Cable. The wifi signal is also lot weaker around the house and I hardly get anything upstairs.

Then I tried to connect home phone which was supposedly a lot more straight forward step of plugging the cable from my cordless phone base to phone port 1 on the modem. Nothing happened, no dial tone and display on hand sets displayed "Check Phone Line". I tried to power down the modems (NBN and OPTUS) and did all steps in troubleshooting but to no avail.

The following morning I called OPTUS 131344 and have done so twice a day on Thursday, Friday, Monday, Tuesday and today Wednesday 13/03/2018.

Each of these calls were routed to Indea, Mumbai and I recieved a warm welocme by the person on the other end. In each of the conversations I was asked to tell them what was wrong? In each of the occasions the person would place me on hold to do some checks, they seem to ask for 2 minutes which lasts up to 6-10 minutes. In each of the occasions I was transferred to Technical Support. Tech Support would start same thing by asking same questions and doing same validations. In few occasions I asked them if any information were relayed at the transfer? Each time I spoke to someone I had to provide my mobile number and other family members mobile numbers who would be home in case they needed to assist in trouble shooting. When I finally got frustrated and demanded that the person on the other end looks up some of the complaint details they did so reluctantly. Each of the phone calls were concluded with the same confident assurance that they will personally take care of the issue untill it's resolved to my satisfaction. 

Each of the phone calls lasted 45-60 minutes and I was only called back to be told that it will take time to reset the profile, migrate the phone number,.... Time frames were wither 30 minutes, one hour, 24 hrs or 48 hours.


I still have no home phone connection and by the way it has been about two hours since I have finished my latest OPTUS call and have been waiting for a call back that would supposedly happen in 5 minutes....


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Terrible Customer Service Experience _Migrating to NBN

@faridguirguis, I'm more than happy to run a couple of checks for you from my end.


We might need to push through the phone activation from the back-end. I can also run a couple of diagnostics on the NBN service itself and let you know what sort speeds we'd expect you to be receiving.


Send us a private message with your account details. We'll need your full name, DOB and account number. Follow the URL I've linked below:


If you've found my answer helpful, please mark it as a Accepted Solution and be generous with that Kudos button Smiley Happy
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