Telstra blocks Fetch TV


I would like to ask you guys a question. Has Telstra found a way to block Fetch? I phoned Telstra accounts and told them I wanted to cancel Foxtel because I now had a Fetch TV box. Immediately after this my fetch box would not connect to the Internet.


I complained to Telstra Support and was told as long as PCs and laptop connected everything is okay. But it is not okay! I returned the month old Fetch box to the Good Guys and got a new replacement. It will not connect to Telstra Broadband either. I was told by Dodo it uses Telstra infrastructure so it would be the same if I changed to them. Dodo feels that Telstra is blocking Fetch.


I am about to put in a complaint to the ombudsman.  This is my second complaint about Telstra. It took six months of nagging by the ombudsman for Telstra to disconnect my line from my neighbour who was using my phone number and my new NBN broadband!


P.S. If Fetch will not work with Telstra I will have to return the Fetch box to the Good Guys for a refund and tell the retailer to inform customers about Telstra..























Re: Telstra blocks Fetch TV


You will need to speak to your Fetch TV supplier.

As you purchased it from a retail store it wont be under an Optus Fetch plan (as Optus dont sell their devices outright, only rent them out).

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Re: Telstra blocks Fetch TV


To answer your question though, Telstra could block fetch from working but it's highly unlikely they would, especially on individual accounts after you notify them that your'e using a competitors device.


It's a pretty big coincidence though. I'd take the box to a friends house to test on their internet connection or even hotspot your phone to rule out the box being the problem rather than the internet. 

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Re: Telstra blocks Fetch TV


Hi again,


Thank you for responding. I took the Fetch TV box back to The Good Guys and got a brand new replacement. The second box had the same problem. A few hours later I tried again and it worked!. Then I got an informative surprise. Telstra phoned me back after I complained three times before I went to The Good Guys. The very words said were, "It will be alright now." That was a give away - Telstra had done something to stop the Fetch internet connection.



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