Re: Telephone sockets not working


Hi Vicky,  I now have the phone with extra handsets.  It's not ideal and does drop out or has excessive static at times but at least I now have communition.  I'm not a fan of the new NBN (yet) as it's been a very expensive exercise for the 'free' change over.  I now have to figure out why I'm paying $90.00 per month instead of the promised $60.00...but that is another forum.  

I will now consider this subject solved and closed.  

Thanks to everyone who wrote in and helped.

Re: Telephone sockets not working


All is good now.  The handsets do the job so count this one as solved.


Re: Telephone sockets not working


You’re far too kind. Many other people are about to go through the same hell and extra expense that you suffered.


We will all be forced to move to the NBN as it’s connected in our respective areas. And our pre-existing ADSL connections will be disabled within 18 months of that time.


One thing you should note before you’re done with this is to consider your home phone rental. As you stated, you’re now paying considerably more for a plan that is less efficient. That is unacceptable.


  • During the sign-up process (which I also went through and was similarly lied to) the service rep should have examined and questioned your current setup, rather than desperately trying to end the chat and have me accept the T&C. 
  • Any new NBN plan should take into account all fixed line phone connections. 

Having recently signed up myself...I’m sorry to say that Optus have let me down again in so many ways.


Any moderator reading should not respond to me. I’ve been there and done that with no resolve. Time to start hammering social media. 



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