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Teams video & screen share lagging

Background: I've been using Teams for about 3 years without issues and with basically zero lag. About 4 months ago (give or take), I had a day where my NBN modem went offline several times over a period of a couple of hours. Following that day, video and screen share coming to me is fine but my video and screen share going out is extremely laggy, bordering on unusable. This has remained consistent ever since.

Nothing has changed from my end to bring about this issue. Of late I have been trying a few settings around QoS in my router, including prioritising video call traffic - all with no impact.

Today, I was able to trial a Teams meeting where I started on my NBN connection and mid-call, switched to my 4g mobile connection. The NBN call was laggy as usual but the moment I switched to 4g, the connection become crystal clear and without any lag.

I then tested my connection speeds on each:




Despite the mobile connection being much slower in upload and download speed, and ping and jitter values being much higher - the mobile connection provided a far superior connection in Teams. 

I believe this test rules out any server configuration issues that I have read about with Teams. Likewise, there's no reason to believe there's an issue with my local network. I'm out of options and considering churning to another provider but there's no assurance that will change anything if this is an NBN (or local) issue.

Wondering if anyone has any ideas.

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Re: Teams video & screen share lagging

Hi @GJC sorry to hear about your ongoing Microsoft Teams issue. Have you tested any other video calling service or app or even streaming services via your NBN connection? Basically we want to narrow down on where the issue is as there could be various reasons affecting it. If there is issue with other other services / app then it tells us it would be your NBN connection. It could even be the modem after the outage you had 4 months ago. Here is some → basic troubleshooting that could help. Have you tried resetting the modem - just press the small reset button at the back of the modem itself (using a pin).

On the other hand if other video calling / streaming / Fetch services are working fine then it could be either your teams or your device (laptop /  computer) settings that needs to be looked into.

 If the issue still continues then you are best to speak with our Technical Support team via the → messaging service to assist you further.

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Re: Teams video & screen share lagging

This is a wide spread issue if you Google teams. Its characterised by perfect download and really poor upload (if you're sharing your screen then others see black for a long time and then the video is many seconds after your voice). It also appears to only be an issue for Optus and Telstra. Thankfully porting to just about any other RSP will fix the issue 100% immediately (As does switching to a mobile 4G hotspot).

I'm really happy to see Optus support trying to diagnose an issue beyond "please contact our twitter feed" but its unfortunate that this issue has been bought to Optus notice by many users and is definitely an issue with Optus configuration. Suggesting that it could be settings or equipment (in this case) of the customer is poor form.

So yes I would suggest you just churn your RSP. Optus have not even acknowledged the issue let alone tried to fix it. I'd suggest Launtel simply because they have a 7 day free trial and they also do day to day contacts (including setting the day to $0). Stay / Leave any time but you can quickly confirm the problem is resolved with total freedom.

NB you don't say what NBN technology you have. If its FTTP then you can check out another RSP without even leaving Optus.

FWIW I suffered the same exact issue and spend about a month tearing apart systems / hardware/ software / modems / etc. Finally switched RSPs and problem solved 🐵 Let me know if you'd like a sign in code for Launtel but otherwise plenty of good RSPs with month to month contracts around.

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