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Switching to Optus NBN online

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I have received a letter from Optus stating that my cable service will shut down on October 14 and suggest switching to NBN online. So I get onto the approporiate Optus web page and there are 3 easy steps. Problem is I can't get to step 2. It verifies my details and that as far as the 3 "easy" steps allows me to go. Very frustrating and then notice there is an online assistant. Eventually use this and request the $70 nbn plan and am given an agreement reference number.

Since then no confirmation email, zilch, zip, zero.

Getting very frustrated with Optus, don't expect an answer here, but come October 14 I couldnt care less if I'm not with Optus now




Yes the online system might be not working. At this stage you have complete freedom to join the NBN with any provider (As Optus is ending their service there are no exit fees etc.) Jump onto a LIVECHAT here at Optus or do some research on other providers as now any RSP can offer 100Mbps and all have different variations on what they offer. Optus has content but you might not want it. Either way, get your NBN transfer sorted now as come October you'll have nothing.


Peter Gillespie 



It sounds to me the easy steps are just confusing for you. It does not layout the steps, but the steps are usually as follows:

Step1. Providing your address and doing a check whats available at your property

Step2. Choosing the Plan > Speed Pack > Phone Packs>View Plan/Costs> BUY NOW

Step3. Accepting the Terms and conditions > Credit check> check out > PAID for the service.

Untill you have actually passed this, where you have entered personal details and paid for it, only then Optus would send you a confirmation email. If you already have an Optus internert service its cheaper to migrate to NBN where no start up fees would occur. If you were to exit Optus with a current contract that has not expired prioir to moving to another provider, you might be hit with a early termination fee, ontop of that the start up fee with the new provider you move to and depending on their terms and conditions you might have to also pay a months in advance ontop of that your usage. FYI 



the easy steps are not confusing for me

I did and completed step 1. it wont allow me to do step 2


I'm already with optus, I just want to migrate to their nbn plan



Oh right! Sorry I was talking about viewing a whole new nbn plan. Its propley not letting you go to step 2, because Optus identified your not NBN ready yet. Remember you can not migrate to NBN unless NBN is available to your address. You can check if your NBN ready on Type your address in there and click on Check residential and it will let you know if NBN is available to you or when it will be and when it goes live.



am nbn ready. must have been a glitch as tried again today just a few minutes ago and now all good. just received a confirmation email and the tech will be around next wednesday. so alls well

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