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Frustrating night. NBN order update on Optus App says we will be contacted today, but nothing. thought I would call support. tried the old fashioned way by using the phone. 50 mins later and 3 transfers no luck, so tried online chat. Three times and three different team members tried to put me through to the specialist team for NBN and each time it timed out. What is going on !

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Did you have an NBN appointment booked in?


What NBNCo tech will supply your service? FTTP, FTTN, FTTC, HFC, FW?

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Appointment was last week and technician said that they would need more work out on the street. He said it would be sorted within the week. Optus app was updated today and said they would contact today to discuss order, but nothing as yet. The area is HFC. All houses around us connected. We did not get an NBN utility box to the house when others were done by NBN months ago. Contacted NBN ages ago to get someone out here but no luck. Now the area is active and we have no connection to the house. I understand this is NBN issue and not Optus. My issue tonight is with the service level of Optus in general by phone and on livechat. It has a lot to be desired as far as customer service is concerned.

NBN appointments


Just an update. We had a call 2 days ago to say NBN technician would be here this morning. No one has arrived and I have taken the morning off work. Went to live chat and told appointment rescheduled for May 8th. Why was I not informed !

May 8th was the original booking which I was fine with, until getting the call 2 days ago and rescheduling to today. This is getting very frustrating and whoever called 2 days ago should be taken to task. 

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