Still waiting for Optus NBN order confirmation

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How do you get anyone at Optus to show any interest in anything? I feel that I'm hitting my head against a brickwall.

I have been waiting since 16/01/2019 to just get an order confirmation. I've been to the Optus store where I ordered the NBN to be told they are a week behind and I should get confirmation soon but a week later nothing. If it takes this long to even acknowledge an order I dread to think how long that actual installation will take.

I haven't been back to the store because that usually involves waiting while the only two salespeople eventually get around to me. Last time I waited nearly 30 minutes while they dealt with 3 customers.

I need to know if the order that I signed is binding because I will probably cancel if I can. Appalling service !!



Same problem, ordered online on 18th Jan and no any update or confirmation. It’s been 10 business day and two weeks already, I chased them again and again but useless. If you were signing new contract with Optus I suggest you cancel the order and change to other ISP, I am stuck in an existing ADSL contract with Optus so I can’t easily get out. It’s really disappointing. 




I think you're right. I'm going to the store tomorrow.See if I can cancel. Reading allthe other woes that people have I'm surprised Optus hasn't gone bankrupt.

Re: Still waiting for Optus NBN order confirmation


Pretty disappointing to hear about your experience.

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Are you sure you are stuck on adsl contract? I have 6 months left on my cable service contract but Optus rep said "there will not be any cancellation charges and also start up fee for migrating to NBN", so I chose to go month to month on nbn.

Re: Still waiting for Optus NBN order confirmation


Hi Ray,

I went back to the store on Saturday to be told that because I am getting FTTC and this is new technology?? Optus is behind with orders. I was originally told they were a week behind but on Wednesday I will have been waiting for three weeks and still not even an order number.

Because I was complaining the store manager phoned her boss to ask if she could give me my entry reference number to which he agreed and that is all I have got so far.

Still feeling fobbed off I got onto the online chat and what a waste of effort that was. I spoke to somebody called Oscar and all he could tell me was to go to the store. Optus employees are so good at building brick walls they should be in the building industry.

I tried to lodge a complaint with the online form and after filling it all in I was unable to submit the form so I tried again with the same result. Brick wall!

It amazes me how Optus keeps it's customers. I joined Optus from Vodafone because they got the Premier League contract from Foxtel but if and when Optus loses that contract I will be back to Vodafone like a shot. In the six years I was with them they were never a problem and at the very least I could communicate with them, something that is sadly lacking with Optus.

After my wasted time on Saturday both at the store and on the chatline I emailed the enquiry line. Will I get an answer ? I won't hold my breath.

Albert Ravenhill

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