Spport for multiple PPPoE sessions on FTTN


I have a situation where I would like to have multiple PPPoE sessions on an Optus FTTN connection. Can anyone confirm if this will work or is the Optus connection restricted to one PPPoE session?

I intend to use an ASUS DSL-AC52U modem-router for VDSL, one PPPoE session established on this unit and then enable PPPoE-Relay to allow another session to be established on a firewall.

This is not about bridging the modem, I need the 2 sessions for something specific.


Re: Spport for multiple PPPoE sessions on FTTN


Hey @joneda1, I'm sorry but we can't provide assistance with third party hardware Smiley Sad

With that being said, there are some awesome techies within the forum - hopefully someone comes along soon that can answer your question!


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