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Speed pack not working yet




I added a $20  speed pack yesterday and the person told me it would take 15min to 4 hours to take effect. I was told I needed to reboot my modem after 4 hours.


I have done all this and my speed is exactly the same.

Re: Speed pack not working yet


Hi @angelo_f, can you please send me a PM with your full name, DOB and account number so we can check on the status of that change request?

Re: Speed pack not working yet


I just rebooted modem again and it is still not working to new speed yet. I hope I wwill not be charged at that rate until it is at teh correct speed


Re: Speed pack not working yet


Sorry to hear that @Angel_f Smiley Sad 


Could you please PM us & we'll look into this further for you as we'll need to confirm the account details before we can see what's going on.



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Re: Speed pack not working yet


I have already done that

Re: Speed pack not working yet


Yet again, I'm on Speed pack 3 100Mbps, every 3 months I have to waste 2-3 hours with your helpdesk as for somereason at your end I'm only getting 48Mbps (same result over the last 2 weeks). Really over "can you plug in a laptop into NB1". Yes I can - Guess what - No Change! 

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