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Slower Speeds on speed pack 4


When I first connected to the NBN (The gutted horrbible version) i was on speed pack 3 and getting speeds of around 40mbps, quite decent ecpecially on Fibre to the node FTN, aafter talking with customer support they said i had a decent enough connection to upgrade to speed pack 4, and who wouldn't fast internet, and with my own calculations, (distance from the node, deteriotion of copper, etc) we should be getting around 70mbps. However in a great twist of fate our Speeds are lower than what they were on nbn50, the are now around 20-30 with a max of 37, around 2am in the morning.




been dealing with this for 15-20 days, and optus as usual are dragging their feet. maybe a complaint to the obudsman might help them pick up the pace.

Re: Slower Speeds on speed pack 4


Welcome to the Australian NBN, where if you have working Broadband Consider yourself lucky Smiley Happy

Being you are on FTTN, something has changed with the Copper for your speed to change.  A tech could have hooked someone else up and bumped your connection changing your speed, the copper could have water in the ground slowing your speed, there's a lot of variables.  The best thing you can do is, go into your modem Web Interface, the address is usually written on the bottom, something like and look for your Line Statistics and see what speed you are Sync'ing at with the Node.  NBNCo only provide minimum speeds of 25/5 and wont look at any service for a fault that is getting this speed.  Its worse in Co-Existance period where 12/1 is fine far as there concerned.  There's probably little Optus can do, as they wont be able to get a NBN Tech out, and changing provide is unlikely to make a difference.  Check your Sync Speed, or ring Optus Support or Live Chat with them at and ask them for your Line Sync Speed.  Also make sure you dont have any other sockets around the house with anything plugged in, and it may be worth getting a licenced cabler in to unhook them and wired to one socket only, this can make a huge difference with Sync Speed sometimes.  

Re: Slower Speeds on speed pack 4


Estimated speeds are just that. FTTN perpetuates the old ADSL issue of not knowing what speed you can get until you try. It would seem your top speed is around 40Mbps so I would ring and request Tier 3 be re-applied. Optus should refund you the cost difference for the month you were on the wrong plan.


The the 20-30 you are getting may be due to congestion by the sounds of it. Optus should be providing around 40Mbps in peak hour on Teir 3. First drop to that tier an see if it doesn't correct the issue for you. 




Peter Gillespie


Re: Slower Speeds on speed pack 4


Well after being on the phone with Uptus, it turns out the bloke you upgraded my speed pack, forgot to activate it with the NBN, so i was being billed for speed pack 4, but still recieving speed pack 3 speeds.


Hopefully it's been fixewd and astivated through nbn, (We'll learn in 6 hours)


WELL DONE OPTUS, WELL DONE, you've done the impossible and have worse customer support than telstra.

Re: Slower Speeds on speed pack 4


 It shouldn't take 6 hours. The time frame is fifteen minutes to four hours (max). You'll also need to reboot your modem. 

Would you like me to go in and double check @bob2000?


I'm happy to do that for you. You'll need to send us a PM


I need your full name, DOB and account number. 



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Re: Slower Speeds on speed pack 4


I am on Speed Pack 3 & up until the beginning of last month we were getting speeds of 29/28 MB/s Download & 7MB/s Upload since that time we have gone down to 23 MB/s Download & 3 MB/s Upload in addition to this we get Buffering or hanging where the service just stops. This has been a lot worse in the last month. We chose a plan with Speed Pack 3 so we could enjoy the benefits of 4K UHD video & high quality YouTube music streaming neither of which we can now do successfully with this low speed that looks more like Speed Pack 2 specifications. I have spent about 3 hours on Chat with the teckos, had the line tested many times, been cut off, had the service including the phone line out of action for in excess of 15 minutes or more ....... tired of trying to resolve this!
I would rather not change service providers but we are close to that point ...I hate the process of changing emails & have resisted setting up web based email as prefer to have my email stored on my machine for security reasons.
In the process of trying to resolve this I have purchased an ASUS DSL_AC68U set up as a WiFi Router with an ASUS RP-AC68U range extender.
The Router is hard wired to the OPTUS Dual Band Modem that has WiFi turned off & all intranet connections can operate at the speeds available by the ASUS devices.
My phone line is connected to the OPTUS modem/router & woks well most of the time. Internally I can stream music from my network drive at flawless speeds & all works much better than when I tried to just use the basic OPTUS dual band modem.
I offered to try the Speed Pack4 & I offered to pay the extra if it could achieve the associated speeds but if it only achieved Speed Pack 3 speeds then I wanted OPTUS to cover that.
They were not keen on doing that & I am not keen on paying $20 more per month to get only the speed that I am paying for already.
I have never got Speed Pack 3 Max speeds but even the 28MB/s we were getting is looking good at the moment if I was to get that!
NOTE those speeds were achieved by upgrading to the ASUS gear.
Any suggestions or ideas to get the Speed Pack 3 speeds I am paying for?

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