Slow upload speed ~ unknown Problem


I'm on NBN with a speed pack 4 (100down/40up) 

Since mid Feb i've been receiving upload speeds of 1.5~mbps, whilst still recieving good download speeds (around 95mbps). I've had 4 NBN technicians come over and replaced all parts inside and outside my house, and they have no clue why im recieving such low speeds as they claim the connection is perfect on their end. 

Has anyone had this problem before? Or does anyone know possible solutions?

Re: Slow upload speed ~ unknown Problem


Hi there, generally if your speed would be impacted it'd be affecting your download speed rather than your upload so this is a little unusual.

Did you have a fault ref # that we can follow up on for you? 

Are you only having this kind of trouble during peak hours of the day? Or connecting to overseas servers? 

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