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Hi, we have an NBN service that routinely gets to download speeds of 40Mbps. Some streaming services (e.g.. Netflix) present no problems but others (e.g. Kayo) are jerky and buffer on mobile devices.


We have a brand new modem (our 3rd in 8 months with Optus) and Im using a brand new Galaxy S10. I cant understand why I cant stream some sites uninterrupted.

Re: Slow streaming


Hi JoelT,

There really can be many factors, the location of the service host, the stream quality, internet connection type, etc. to name a few.

The fact that some stream fine and others don't generally means some sort of issue with the ones that don't.

Have you tried all of Kayo's troubleshooting tips?

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Re: Slow streaming

For the most part, slow video buffering problems can be fixed with just a simple steps. Rarely are these problems are hardware related. So these problems can easily solved. The first step is to understand what video buffering is, how and when to use tweaks to speed up video buffering. Buffering is your computer downloading the video faster than it plays. If it cant downloaded the and played the video at the same time, it will stop and create a buffer between the play time and download time.
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