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I'm in Seaford, SA on NBN FTTP. Internet speeds falls sharply in the evening, not recovering until around 11pm. Are there any capacity problems in this area? I am currently on 100/40, previously on 50/20 and was upgraded when I last phoned about speed problems - at that time speeds were getting down to 7Mbps. Currently speeds get down to about 20Mbps in the evening.


While general web browsing is fine, I find that changing channels on the Yes/Fetch TV can be extremely slow, though once the channel is up, the picture seems to be fine, even though bandwidth meter is at 1/4. I would have thought that 20Mbps would be more than enough for Fetch TV, so why the huge delay in changing channels? During the day, channels change very quickly. This is on a Mighty box, which I recently upgraded to (channel change delays occured with the old box too), connected via a pair of Powerline adapters.


So please, can someone advise whether there are any capacity issues in the area?

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This is my speedtest during peek time.
I'm on the 100/40plan aswell.
Location: Wollert VIC 3750


and they want us to pay full bill! not discount? really?

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Yikes, mine's not quite that bad. My general browsing is fine. It just affects switching channels on Fetch TV.  Here's mine to the Melbourne server:




The Sydney one is half as fast. My only problem is switching channels on Fetch TV being slow in the evenings. Netflix streams start very quickly. I know there is some congestion as I can see the speeds drop in the evenings and latency rises, so I'm just wondering if it's Fetch TV that's slow in the evenings as there seems to be ample bandwidth left for Fetch TV.

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@Pommster That's odd :/ Apologies for any frustration caused!

Just to clarify, the Fetch runs alright during the day? 

During the evening, have you run any Fetch diagnostic tests? If so, what were your results?

It definitely sounds like it may be an issue with the Fetch directly, have you spoken with our Faults team about it? Recommend giving them a buzz on 13 13 44. 

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Yes, Fetch TV is very fast during the day - channel changes are fast. In the evening, there is a big pause on a black screen before the channel is visible. The last couple of evenings have been a lot better. I haven't been measuring Internet speeds the last couple of days so cannot say whether that has improved in the evening. At any time of the day though, the Optus speed test shows much slower speeds from the Sydney server compared to the Melbourne server. I don't know if that is connected to my slower speeds in the evening and Fetch TV channel changing issues.





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So Pommster the fetch needs roughly 5Mbps download to run Fetch, so speeds are incredibly quick. Is your Fetch connected via Wi-Fi or ethernet and how many devices do you have connected at a time? 

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