Slow Upload Speeds compared to Download


Right, so now along with the fact that we were lied to by Optus about the speeds we could receive and overpaying for it since it got connected, we are also having a multitude of issues.


Disconnections being one of them and then being told it is a wifi problem even though a computer connected via ethernet is also breaking, but on top of that we had our modem speeds change.


Downstream was normally around 27000 kbps and Upstream was normally around 25000kbps and generally this worked well enough for everyone although not as fast as we were paying for. Suddenly our upstream has dropped to 6400kbps which is causing some noticeable changes with loading a lot of things and personally for me as a gamer it is causing a lot of hassle. I am lagging and rubberbanding, even when no one else is using the internet it is doing this.


Before I switched to Optus, I also had issues with slow upload speeds with Telstra ADSL every few months and they got as low as dial up speeds and this was due to a problem at the node, our node has always had issues and things needing to be replaced. Not only would it be slow, it would cause disconnections in the line also. I am not sure if the same problem is a possibility or not, furthermore I would like to know what speeds other people on Fibre to the Node are experiencing, as reference to when I make a call to their techinical team requesting why I can not get any higher than 25/5 which is hardly any higher than the ADSL I had which really makes having NBN pointless, especially at the price that it costs. I would also like to know if an update to my optus provided modem would be a potential fix for the upspeed and if so, what would it take to get the update because I have been scowering the internet for an update file for my modem and I have found nothing.


Re: Slow Upload Speeds compared to Download


I get your concerns @hellsqueen.  If you give our tech team a call on 131344 they can investigate this for you. 

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