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Hi Optus users, on 09/01/2019 I moved from Optus ADSL2 to NBN 50 plan via HFC. The installer installed the NBN modem and left ne to connect the Sagecom, it all seemed to connect as it was supposed to, so all good so far. On the first day I noticed that our cordless phone that was plugged in could make outgoing calls but if you tried to call our number you would get an engaged signal and I also noticed that even though the internet connection seemed good and speed test showed 41mbs download the same test performed on my devices  sowed only about 3-7 mbs via wifi and varying speeds up to about 20mbps wia powerline adaptor so even though this was less than the modem speed I thought all we be OK.


Anyway after a week or so and many frustrating "chats" with Optus the phone started to work as it should but the wifi and speed between optus modem and devices is slow. If I disconnect and connect to my mobile phone and use 4G no problem (I guess that means the server end is OK) but when I use wifi to Optus modem or ethernet to Optus modem streaming slow downs and stalls and buffers and is a pain.


I have tried getting answers from Optus support but find it most frustrating as it appears they do nothing but keep going over questions that I have explained numerous times.


Anyway, does anyone have any idea on whether there is anything to improve operation of the Sagecom or whether I can buy a replacement as I am over it. I do have a phone and want to keep it and I have the phone bundle plan with optus.


Thanks for any assistance.




Two chats ago the "agent" said he ran some tests on my line and said that there was an issue and that a tech would need to contact me and told me they would 21/01 or so I thought. I did not hear from anyone so again contacted optus chat and spent over an hour trying to explain the above and telling them all I wanted to know was whether I had got the date wrong for the tech to call, the new agent said there was nothing in the notes about a tech calling so not sure what is going on.


Also told last 3 "agents" on chat that I wanted a transcript of the chat for further reference they all said they would send to me and I have not received any, Not sure why could it be they do not want me to have it as it would be evidence for me to use to confirm that what was promised did not happen.


Can you get out of your Optus plan because what you signed up for is not being delivered?


Hoping someone can assist. 

Re: Slow Sagecom 3864V3AC


Hate to burst your bubble, but you won't get out of a contract because your "internet is slow through 3rd party devices" (being powerline adapters). Plus WiFi is suspectible to noise and other interferences within your home, so there is no way for Optus to promise you high speed WiFi. And in the day and age of customers expecting the latest and greatest for the cheapest price, they've gone with a device that tries to meet a middle ground.


Which S@gem do you have? black or white? what model number?

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Re: Slow Sagecom 3864V3AC

My bubble was burst ages ago as far as Optus goes as I explained it is slow even plugged straight into back of modem as far as wifi goes I only want something that does not drop out all the time. From what you seem to be saying is that Optus may not be responsible for any level of service. It seems what I am experiencing is fairly common. Sorry for sounding frustrated but I am my unit is a black unit. I moved ton bn to have a better experience streaming and it has been worse and is now costing me more and I am unsure what to do or who to ask. Optus customer service has been virtually useless. Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.

Re: Slow Sagecom 3864V3AC


@Savagesp This might sound strainge but for me, I was getting drop out and poor speed on the first weeks with NBN HFC. However, after about 5 modem hardware reset, it become good. Maybe give that a go. What you need to establish is the internet speed coming out of the modem via a LAN wire. This will give you a starting point. If you are getting 41Mbps via wire on a NBN50 plan, then I think that is acceptable. However, if you are getting below 20 at  peak time around 7pm then the speed coming into your home is the issue and thats where you can complaint to Optus and/or TIO. 


If you are getting good speed, then the next step is to improve the wifi connection from the modem to your devices. Start by channing the wifi channel, connecting to the 5Ghz band and/or if possible move the modem to a better spot with less interference. Ask for a new modem if you are getting poor speed about 2 meters from the modem. 


Another Option is to invest in a better wifi router, they can range from $90 to around $200. You can go nut and get a $400 unit. Mine cost $250 and I am able to get stable and fast connection. 


Wifi is very environment dependant, however, the Sagecom is a basic wifi modem, it does the job for most people. Powerline can have interference and can be affected by the quality of the wires in your wall, appliance connect to the same power network. 


Hard wire would be best if it is an option. 

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Re: Slow Sagecom 3864V3AC

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@Savagesp. Can you post the Attainable rates and Rates which are shown on the Device Info-Statistics-xDSL page of the Advanced Settings on the Sagemcom's user interface. Those will help us help you. Furthermore, using an app such as WiFi Analyzer (available free at MS web store) will give you a picture of your environment.


The Sagemcom has the following WiFi channel settings: auto or 1-9 for 2.4 GHz; and, auto or 36/80 for 5 GHz. I consider these to be a fundamental weakness of the device. I live in a very quiet WiFi location and have no issues, i.e. full speed on wireless. However, those in noisy WiFi locations appear to have big issues. I'm unsure why the 2.4 channels stop at 9 because I would normally suggest trying ch 13; on auto, mine is often at ch 11, so it seems like an Optus GUI mistake (10 et seq have two digits). For 5 GHz, 36/80 may be the only option for those having issues (and may improve things a lot). Again, on my Sagemcom, the default Auto seems to work OK - I'm usually on 149 or 100. Amending bandwidth may also help but that's a bit complicated for the moment.


Maybe Optus could improve these, WiFi settings and save themselves a lot of bad news; they're not a major change.


(edit) I forgot some other, potentially significant issues for WiFi issues. For example, are clients set to Australian WiFi specifications (a lot default to US requirements)? Are they older Apple devices for the 5 GHz signal? Is Windows country setting for Australia? And so on. Solving a lot of issues without adequate data is difficult.

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