Slow NBN


MY optus NBN  download speed is .5 mbps was around 1.5 mbps when i got connected first time a few weeks befoer.

i have subscribed to 50/30 plan i have tried to reach support team through chat and phone but no do i get my super nbn dowload speed 1.5 mbps.please help if any body have any clue

Re: Slow NBN


Are you on NBN fixed wireless?  If so, that is about the speed you will get.  Optus does not have enough bandwidth with NBN.  Everytime I contact them about poor speeds, they just want to get my mobile number so they can advise when they have upgraded (purchased) more bandwidth.  That was months ago.

Re: Slow NBN


@prasanth_vans - Disappointing to hear of your speeds! Are you able to send through a private message with your account details, full name and DOB so we can investigate? Apologies for our delayed response.

Re: Slow NBN


still no luck.i am losing hope in optus

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