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With you on this. Incredibly slow speed for the last three months. First few weeks of NBN - FTTH were good but now disasterious. Hope you get help. I'm not sure what to do becasue some advice is that the issue is with the NBN hardware in our area and going to Telstra would only deliver similar low sppeds until infrastructure is updates? Regards, Keith

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Yeh adam dont let it take months though like i have and they still keep charging, i dont want to be screwed over anymore as i called the optus faults line and the guy said the supervisor in charge would call back in an hour but till now no call so immediately filed a tio complaint for the bs i have taken over the last 2 and a half months.

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Apologies that you've had trouble getting this fixed, @rambleroptus. That's really not the type of experience that we'd like you to have but I'd be happy to investigate this for you to see what can be done to get it fixed. Could you please PM us here with the details so that we can advise you further? It's also best if you could send through your account number, full name and DOB so that we can ID your service.

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Update on my situation: Optus rep confirmed they haven't purchased enough CVC bandwidth in my area (Kelmscott, WA) and there is no timeline available for upgrades. Unacceptable in my opinion. Optus are willing to take my money for a service that they can't properly provide. Lets see if they're willing to give some of it back as recompense.


Edit: just tried to play a first person shooter online and had a 580 ping! Laughable really. My friend also located in Perth on 100Mbps iiNet NBN was in the same gaming server with a 50 ping. Pretty dissapointing.

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Yeh i am going to call them today aswell to see what the situation is with this so called infrastructure upgrade but who knows how long this could take but pretty much from 12 pm to 12 am cant do anything

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Hey @rambleroptus, I've replied to your PM. 

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lets get some things on the table.  


1.   you are all not alone, read though the threads on here and you will find this is a huge issue

2.   Optus by law are only required to provide a "best effort" service.  there is nothing saying they must provide you with 100mb if thats what you purchase

3.  Optus like alot of High volume RSPs does not purchase enough CVC bandwith.  this is where the NBN measures bandwidth to bill RSP's.    

4.  unlike previous technology HFC and ADSL NBN is not limited to a suberb.   you could be on the same CVC over in perth as someone in Adelaide.     Your connection runs over a VPN on NBN and is billed at the CVC.

5.  it costs Optus 1250 per 100mb of bandwith at the CVC.  if your on a 100/40 plan thats just over 12 times more than what you pay


6.   Dont wait for optus to stuff you around, as soon as you have had it confirmed that you are being effected by congestion log a case with the TIO, think about raising a case with the ACCC for bad business practice .. (you are not getting what they sold you) then look at other RSPs to move to

5.   Any RSP that sells unlimited plans to get the people in will not for the most part fulfill their bandwidth quota at the CVC


I hope this helps guys ... this sucks big ones for all especially us poor mugs with bundles


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TezzaP.  You are right on the money.  It's all about bandwidth (the lack, thereof).  Optus are very good at selling speed packs but also very good at pointing to these two words in their contracts "UP TO X SPEED" when congestion makes a mockery of their so-called high speed packs.  In any other western nation with consumer protection legislation the ISPs in this country would be having their backsides roasted for this shameful situation but in Australia the ACCC seems to let them get away with it.  If you complain to Optus the Customer Relations Group will check your line, confirm congestion, offer you a discount and, if you push too much, give you a cost-free release from your contract.  Well...not with this little red hen!  I pay for a NBN HFC 100/40 pack with Optus.  I've been a loyal and good paying customer for years.  I am not going to be chucked on the trash heap!  I will fight this issue right up to the Federal Minister and the ACCC.  I WILL get what I pay for, come hook or crook.  At off-peak times I get speeds of up to 90 down and 35 up.  For me that's plenty and I would be happy with that around the clock.  Unfortunately come 6pm my speed drops first to about 45Mbps and then, by 7.30 it drops to 4 Mbps!  I may as well be on ADSL 1 or dial-up!!!  By 11pm my speed returns to an acceptable level.  It's congestion for all of us and a sad indictment of the way Optus is handling the bandwidth issue!  Disgraceful Optus...just disgraceful!

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