Slow NBN Connection


NBN Max account (QLD 4300)


Max        down  100      up 40 (or what they say they are selling)


Evening Test at 20:00

Brisbane down    48.43 up 38.35

Sydney   down      6.28  up 38.25

Melbourne  down 22.91 up 38.58

Perth       down     14.45 up 38.25


Morning Speed Test 06:30

Brisbane down    92.48 up 38.36

Sydney   down     87.83 up 37.85

Melbourne  down 90.61 up 38.23

Perth       down     81.71 up 38.20


In the evening it is nearly impossible to use the internet for any thing worthwhile such as a download

Fetch TV get messages popping up about not enough bandwidth


Speed Tests seem to tell a story up load speed if fairly consistent day and night and close to the 40Mbps

However the evening bandwidth seems to be severelty throyyled or they are just not buying enough bandwidth to cope with the increased demand.

6.28Mbps for a 100Mbps sold connection is pathetic and must verge on fraudulent selling

The average is 23.02 Mbps with a max of 48.43 which rarely happens.


Yet at 06:30 the slowest is 81.71Mbps with an average of 88.15Mbps


So the NBN is capable of delivering those speeds but just not enough bandwidth in the evening.


So what am I supposed to do use the internet between 4am and 7am if I want to get any work done from home ?


Re: Slow NBN Connection


Hi @jbsoutar sorry to hear about the issues you've been experiencing with your service, I've picked up your PM and responded to you further there. 

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Re: Slow NBN Connection


I believe the number of people running speeds tests at peak hour on the NBN has reached a tipping point. Each test further congests the net work while also causing more speed tests to be conducted. Smiley Happy




Peter Gillespie

Re: Slow NBN Connection


WOOOO HOOOOO I thought, NBN finally got connected today. Scammed by optarse, set up new modem etc, all connected. Did a speed test. 1.04 Kbps. Did several after the next 30 minutes, varied up to 2.84, is slower than the ADSL I had. Try to contact optarse and no suprise, busy, opt in to try later and yep, an hour later still busy. Had paid for 100 Kbps speedboost, will now fight to pay them at actual speed which will be $16 a month which I think is fair enough for delivered speed.

Re: Slow NBN Connection


Thanks for sending that through to us!

I understand that this would be more than frustrating for you, I apologise.

Unfortunately, I can see that your service is affected by peak time slowness and I can't see an upgrade time frame Smiley Sad

If you can confirm the best contact number for yourself, I can register your for updates as they become available.

Again, very sorry that you're experiencing this, if you wish to discuss your options, you can get in touch with us on 1300 555 241.


Seriously your telling me what I was telling you the 100/40 is available while you are asleep and if you actually want to use the internet service when you are awake guess what other people are also awake and we dont provide enogh bandwidth.

sigh !!!


Considering we have moved house when wer had a very fast services near the 100/40 limit and have moved 0.5km from there it certainly causes some head scratching ........ oh I know it was another service providor.

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