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Should i sign up to Optus NBN?


I just received a letter from Optus saying my cable service will be disconnected by the end of this month or following 6 weeks processing period, this is the second letter i have got regarding my cable service, the first letter i got was back in march when they gave me 90 days to change to NBN or my cable will be disconnected. i did not change and my service was not disconnected.


My cable speed is great and no issues, as i have heard nbn speeds are awful, contacted optus and the optus rep tells me if i received the letter it means my cable WILL be disconnected. I should not be forced to change to NBN, the nbn co states we have 18 months to move our services.

So has Optus NBN speeds improved since or not? should i change to optus nbn? if i do i will be getting the HFC nbn. should i start looking into other internet providers instead?


Thank You

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Re: Should i sign up to Optus NBN?

Yep you have 90 days. 


As the letter you got says, the 18 months aplies to ADSL services, not the Optus cable. NBNCo are annoyed but OPtus can and are shutting it down after 3 months of NBN going live. 


The NBN is not really an initial win for highspeed cable users (its actually a step back). Cable users have had "NBN" performance for a decade now. Cheap fast and reliable. But also in limited areas. So transitioning to the NBN will mean slower speeds for the same price ($80 optus NBN is 25Mbps - add $20 for 100Mbps). IMO even that's cutting cost corners and this is the reason you hear many bad reports on NBN performance in peak times - Well provisioned NBN speeds probably cost more like $120 for good 100 mbps speeds.


On the up side the Optus cable was fast turning to junk (it is actual going to be junked completely in 3 years time). So the NBN upgrade is timely. The other big upside is Upload speeds. Before it was a max of 2Mbps for anyone. Now it can be up to 40 mbps.


So yes. Move you will, either to Optus or another Telco (another benefit of the NBN is you can now chose any ISP and they all use the same highspeed connection). Read this recent thread for some ideas on options.


Feel free to ask any more questions


Peter Gillespie

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