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New Contributor

Shifting the NBN box

We are about to start renovating, and the NBN and main phone base are in a room that is about to become a bedroom.  So I need to move the box and connections to another room.  Do I need Optus to do this, NBN? or can a sutiably qualified Electrician do it?

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Honoured Contributor

Re: Shifting the NBN box

You generally need to contact Optus and they will arrange for an NBN technician to relocate the box. This will almost certainly involve costs (a few hundred $). Note that another option is to just run a cat5 cable from where the box is now to the room you want it in. Any electrician (or even you) can put a point in the wall next to the box. that point can go back to some other central area. As part of your renovation you should consider putting in a couple of wired points if needed that can all be fed off a simple switch in the central area. 


Depends if you need the box out of the bedroom as to whether you want to move it.  


Peter Gillespie