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Setting up Optus NBN

I have moved house and amy trying to move my optus internet service. My new house has NBN (previously I was ADSL). Optus have not provided any information about what I need to do to set up my service other than sending me a text with the NBN connection date. 


The NBN technician came this morning to setup the connection but I don't know what the next steps are to get my internet working. Does anyone know what I need to do next? 


I have not recieved a new optus modem in the mail however I understand from reading the guides on the optus website that I should have. 


I can't call optus and speak to anyone, the phone numbers are just on an endless loop and are a complete waste of time. I have been an optus customer for many years but am extremely unhappy with the customer service (or lack of) that I am experiencing. Hoping a moderator reads this and gets back to me or someone gets in contact. 



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Re: Setting up Optus NBN

It sounds like you're on the right track. 


Did the NBN guy bring/setup any modem device or just get the hole in the wall setup?


You should get two modems from Optus (one to connect the NBN in and the other to act as a wired/wireless router around the house.) 


Unfortunately a thread just a few minutes before yours says Optus may have temporarily run out of modem stock and so there may be a delay in you getting the equipment (unconfirmed).




Peter Gillespie