Server Upgrade? but no ETA

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I've called the support line about this already, so I'm not expecting any new 'technical' advice - bit of context though, currently I'm paying extra ($20 on top of the Basic NBN plan) to get the 50/20 speed tier, so that I can enjoy not only the EPL but also the 4k/UHD Netflix that I'm paying extra for as well.

For a month or so, the speeds were reliably about 45/18, but has dropped significantly recently (past week and a bit) especially from ~6pm until 11pm each night, sometimes into single digits download, but mostly down to ~20Mbps.


The staff member on the support line said yes, there has been a lot of complaints about slow speeds in my area, and yes there is a server upgrade in place to make the service more reliable. But he did not (would not) provide an ETA, only that he's passed my contact details to another team. What upgrade I'm not sure... sounds strange... proactive and visible communication to users is probably a good idea as well if such 'upgrades' are taking place (Optus seems to publish a lot of notice on 'myAccount' each time that has maintenance.... why not the core internet service?)


Couple of questions though - why no ETA? From what I gather, "capacity" supplied at a node provided by NBN is substantial, more than enough for the neighbourhood to reliably get close to the 'maximium' 100/40 speeds (distance, copper quality notwithstanding - I know I could get higher than 50/20 as my modem actually gives me an absolute max line synch close to 80/30), and is just up to ISP's to purchase enough. So why does it actually take so long to 'upgrade' the capacity, and why can't anyone provide an ETA? Upload speed actually seems unaffected - it keeps a constant 16-18Mbps regardless, which to me indicates the hardware is fine, it is merely not enough capacity being bought by Optus to service the customer base.


Also, why is it that if I pay extra for speed tier that I know I can get, but don't, Optus will still happily take my money? The worst of it is that because I am contracted, I can't leave because of the average product & service, taking away any motivation Optus has to help rectify the problem. I have to pay Optus if I want to leave because of Optus' below par service.


Not a happy customer at all, with a product that isn't what I pay for, and support that is lacking/uninformative.


EDIT: seems I'm not the only one given the standard drivel:

Re: Server Upgrade? but no ETA


That sounds very frustrating @jasiano, when you were chatting with the team did they provide you any fault numbers we can check into? If they've taken your details they may of put you on a register which will keep you posted for updates once they become available. 

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Re: Server Upgrade? but no ETA


I didn't get a fault number, or a call reference, or anything like that.

I'm in the Waterford area (6152).


But that's not my point - I'm not interested in someone else telling me there is an 'upgrade' going on, what I'm interested in is why a simple capacity upgrade/bump takes so long (when we all know it's already available), and what recourse I actually have given I'm not getting what I paid for?
I will take the bait and call the 'retention team' today, but given the other complaints/posts already from others on this board I am not holding much hope of any outcome that actually benefits me (or makes it even).

Re: Server Upgrade? but no ETA


I got told the same line during my recent issues. Upgrades in my area, no details on what is being upgraded, no time frame or date.


Also, "congestion on the line" does not equate to over-subscription of the line according to Optus. Yeah. Go figure.

Re: Server Upgrade? but no ETA


okay it's been over a week since I lodged my initial complaint about the slow internet speed, dropping down to ~single digits in the evening. I can't even get a reliable low/standard definition Netflix stream without buffering during the evening, even though I have paid $20/mth extra to get the 50/20 speed boost to get 4k streams. Reading the forums this issue appears to be GETTING MORE prevalent for users.

I have called the retention team in the interim, who cannot do anything except take off the monthly fee for the speed boost, but that DOES NOT SOLVE the actual problem.

Can you PLEASE ADVISE (without the normal rubbish standard response from a script) in a TIMELY MANNER (i.e. in the next day or so, not just 'we will escalate to someone who will get back to you later') if there is honestly anything being done about this and WHEN. Otherwise, see you later.

(TBH, I don't think Optus actually cares about the customer service and would happily let/wish people leave).

Re: Server Upgrade? but no ETA


This is beyond ridiculous... 20% of the d/l speed, upload normal. Clearly a capacity issue, and nothing being done. Good bye Optus, I will be calling your termination ('retention') team to cancel.



Re: Server Upgrade? but no ETA


This takes me back.  Remember when there was an issue with your computer and M$ said it was a hardware issue and the hardware supplier blamed the Software.  Well I have been hearing interviews with the NBN stating that their network is not slow it is that ISP's are not buying enough bandwidth.  Is that code for provisioning a new server?  Pre NBN I was plagued by Optus either shaping my traffic or possibly an internal provisioning issue which has been solved by changing over to the NBN.


The change over commenced in Mid March and I have had to call Optus every couple of days due to an issue with an Optus technician not turning up, as in not booked by Optus, the inadequacies of the WiFi "capabilities" of the Sagemcom Farce Modem or to fisx an email issue that appears to have started after a tech remotely logged in to my computer which took nearly an hour to rectify this morning - and had to call twice due to the automated switch Lotto.  Mind you as 13 numbers are not free my very next bill I will still have to call them to remove the charges for the "support calls" as I can't see why I should pay for their errors.



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