Serives keep dropping out.


Smiley FrustratedI Know I am just one of many Optus custmer's that are sick and tired Of complianing about the so caled custmer service or lack of it. For 4 month's (since NBN was put on in my area I'm on the central coast NSW), I have spent so many hour's and time speaking to oversea's so call consulant's and just getting past from one department to an other they will not let you speack to a s manager .I am on a home phone and internet when either of them are running I do have a prepaid mobile. The consited cutting out I have been on to the T.I.O and then I got some auction Optus sent a tech guy out and and a phone call from some in Australia and I thought this would be the end of it but no,so off down to my local Optus shop will knowen down there and on to tech surport again (and in the mean time I have recived an over priced over due phone account which I had told them I refushed to pay for a surviced I have not been getting.) So now my land is not working and next it will be my internet. Back down to my Optus shop Then if nothing T.I.O consurmer affairs and mybe current affairs the seem to love this kind of stuff. will be looking else where. Has anyone out there got any advice or help thank's.


Re: Serives keep dropping out.


Hi Sazz, sorry you've had this experience. If there has been an ongoing fault with the fixed service, the you would be eligible for credits of a pro=rated nature for the time you have not had the service working. I take you you have Faults ref# etc so at least the issue is logged. You would still need to pay the bill and keep the account in order. Send through a private message  with your account number/phone# and DOB for ID please, so we can take a look for you. 

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