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Occasional Contributor dennisl
Occasional Contributor

Secondary Email Account

Good Morning

I am trying to setup a Secondary Email Account, as a new customer, I should be able to setup 14 but the system tells me 5, however every username I try I am told it is not available and to use a valid username with an example a-z A-Z 0-9, tried that in all various configarations, still will not let me setup a secondray email.


I have read a number of the questions sent to you but they do not solve me problem.


Can you help please





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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Secondary Email Account

Hi Dennis,


I can't help with the issue, but I would suggest you review if using an ISP email address is what you want. This effectively locks you into Optus as you lose the address if you ever decide to leave. ISP emails are also generally not as sophisticated as other dedicated online options (Two factor authentication, spam handing, etc.).


You can easily set up a few gmail accounts that will stay yours whereever you go. They can also be linked so you can just switch between the two at a click of the button.





Peter Gillespie

RetiredModerator Hannah-L

Re: Secondary Email Account

Hi @dennisl, given we don't recycle usernames it may take a while to find a combination of letters/numbers that aren't already taken. Try using an underscore or full stop to separate out the words. 

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