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Sagemcon 3834ac review. No wifi range, backdoor for hackers, a security nightmare.

The Sagemcom 3834ac works well to access the internet on a tethered connection but not as a modem or anything else.


The Wifi.

The range on the wifi is far worse than my previous Netgear Modem/Router which I thought was rubbish. 5Ghz only reaches 13m and the 2.4Ghz gets 14m on a good day, some days these will only reach 6m. This means the range extender I had in place for the previous Modem doesn’t pickup the signal and drops out continually. This extender use to work with the previous Netgear Modem/Router with no such issue.



  1. This modem is a security risk as it has a back door fitted for tech support. This is something I never authorized. How do I know this? I had trouble connecting the modem to the internet due to not all the information being forwarded to me by Optus; I was put onto tech support who fixed it from India without me having to do anything. They accessed my modem and changed the settings. This I find very disturbing and can do nothing about.
  2. I cannot stop unauthorized access to the modem. Why? All I can see is that it was considered irrelevant to the designers because we are all simpletons and don’t understand how to fix anything because it is too complicated. What is left behind is a massive security risk to anyone with this modem. If they have access to your modem, they have access to your network and your computer, they can do as they like with your information. Sorry I find this very unacceptable.
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Re: Sagemcon 3834ac review. No wifi range, backdoor for hackers, a security nightmare.

You probably want to look at the TR-069 specification - its a standard that allows remote management of devices.

Numerous ISPs have this enabled on their supplied devices, so its not an Optus only thing.


As for Authorising them to have access - probably find its well covered in documentation in regards to having a service delivered.

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