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Hi all,

I have a new house with a Sagemcom router with fibre NBN service and having problems where the router stops responding with my network. It is intermittent and has been happening since I moved in. The wireless section of the router has been disabled as I am using a couple of Ubiquiti WAP's. One of the ethernet outputs is connected to a 24 port switch with all of my devices connected via cable or wireless. It is a big network with about 40 devices including Ipad's, Iphones, IP Camera's with DVR, TV's etc.

The problem manifests itself mainly at night time and when it goes into fault mode I can not ping the router and therefore the internet stops working but the rest of the network is still working ok. The strange thing is the router is still connected to the internet because the lights re flashing and the telephone (VOIP) still works. I have called Optus at the time of fault and they advised there was no problem according to them.

To enable it to start working again, all I need to do is plug/unplug the ethernet cable connecting the router to the network switch and it immediately starts responding again (internet works and I can ping the router). This will happen once or twice a night and will not reset itself unless I power cycle the router or plug/unplug the ethernet connection. I have had days where it has been ok for 2 or 3 days in a row.

I have replaced the router (Optus sent me a new one), the ethernet switch, WAP's, patchleads etc. and still haven't solved the problem, nor can I force or recreate the problem. I have tried lots of different settings in the router and had several other people investigate without any luck but everything points to the router.

My next step was going to be to replace the router with an alternative brand to give me more flexability as I have read some people have had issues with this modem but I understand that I will still need to connect the Optus supplied modem for my VOIP connection. 

Does anyone else have any suggestions or think my problem is caused by the router?

Any suggested router to use with a Fibre NBN connection?


Re: Sagemcom Router with NBN dropping network connection



I have read what you indicated and to be honest, it still leaves out more than it is telling. I looked up the Ubiquiti routers in particular the 24 port, but I see no reference for WiFi capability on them! They seem to be an Expensive item as well, so I would certainly hope you have some warranty on it still.

So, more information is needed.

I can figure that you have the NBN box, then the Sagemcom connected direct into that.

Sagemcom WiFi off, but phone working still,

Ubiquiti router connected to WAN port on Sagemcom,

Ethernet connections to various items, BUT....

How are you getting WiFi..?

Have you considered what IP address your various routers are using...???? Sagemcom is set at and if you have any other units on the same address, it could be the cause of your issue.

There is a detailed information on how to connect your own router in the Wiki by Matt which you may also find useful. It could change the way you have it all connected, however, I get a feeling that you have many items / routers all running here.

Well, thats all I can suggest right now unless you can give a better detail of what your running off that connection.

I know the Sagemcom 2.4Ghz is definately not brilliant, but I run up to 15 WiFi devices concurrently and one ethernet with only the issue of being slow until I want to stream TV, then it it grinds to a halt. I also have FTTP.




If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!

Re: Sagemcom Router with NBN dropping network connection


Thanks for they reply Jeff much appreciated.

The Ubiquiti devices I am using are WAP's so they provide the wireless connection (one upstairs and one downstairs).

The Optus Sagemcom is my router which is connected to the NBN NTD. One of the ethernet ports on the Sagemcom is connected to a DLink 24 Port ethernet switch. My WAP's and other cabled devices are all connected to the Dlink switch.

The router has an IP Address of and I have some devices with fixed IP addresses and others with dynamic IP's. The Ubiquiti WAP's have a dynamic IP address. There are no IP address clashes. I have used Wireshark to try and analyze what is happening but I can not see anything of note.

The system all works fine except ocassionaly rhe router simply stops responding and therefore I lose internet connection to my devices. I can not ping the Sagemcom router until I either power cycle or simply disconnect the ethernet port that feeds to the Dlink switch momentarily, then plug it back in again and it instantly starts responding again.

During the time of it faulting, my home phone continues to work and the network connection is still supposedly connected (according to Optus tech support) and that is verified because it works instantaneously the minute I unplug/reconnect the ethernet port to the rest of my network.

I am thinking the issue is due to the limitations of the Sagemcom router. Some of the threads I have read mention number of clients and DHCP addresses.

So far have replaced the router with another Optus Sagemcom and still having the issue. Also replaced the switch and tried isolating other devices on the network all to no avail. The fact that it is intermittent doesn't help with fault finding either.

I will purchase a 3rd party router to try and see if that resolves the issue but wondering if anyone else has a suggestion - perhaps a setting or something?

I hope that all makes sense.

Re: Sagemcom Router with NBN dropping network connection

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Hi Rossco, thanks for the extra info.  I am not a wealth of knowledge regarding mulltiple devices on networking such as you are attempting here, but I have done some work on large scale networks themselves.  Anyhow, from your description and whaat I have read in a few other threads posted, it could be the sequence in hook up you have. ie, the Sagemcom is first off the NTD. what I am putting up next is a cut and paste from MattJ's post in the wiki. Here he explains that the BYO router is connected first and the Sagemcom is run out of that. I would think that you should make your 24 port DLink the primary connection and connect all others into this.  Anyhow read on and you will see his writing.


MattJ's wiki post excerpt.
Assuming have an existing and working Sagemcom router setup plugged into the NBN box and that your BYO router is set to factory defaults. My ASUS AC66u has default address of The Sagemcom router has default address of

Power down the Sagemcom and your BYO router.

Unplug Sagemcom from the NBN box and plug it into a LAN port on the BYO router. Leave the phone line connected to the Sagemcom.

Connect the BYO Router WAN port to the NBN box.

So you have Sagemcom WAN port connected to BYO Router LAN port and BYO Router WAN port to the NBN port that the Sagemcom used to connect to. The phone stays plugged into the Sagemcom.

Power on the BYO Router and wait for it to fully reboot.

Power on Sagemcom.

You should then have a fully functional BYO router connected direct to the NBN and a fully functional OPTUS VoIP phone. 


PS I believe the important point is to have the BYO Router and the Sagemcom with the different LAN addresses as above (I forget the technical term for this).


As for your WAP's, I am to understand they also feed off the 24 port DLink, so they can stay that way.


In the interest of fault finding, you can turn off or disconnect each unit from th router one by one until you only have the router operational. If the fault persists, then I guess you will know it is the router and you can act accordingly.


Something else I forgot to mention, the Dlink 24 port is an unmanaged router, depending on how much and the coniguration of the network assetts, you could be inducing a "Broadcast Storm". This would give indications similar to what you are explaining, however they are also identical indications to a unit failure. To rule out "Broadcast Storm", you would need to ensure that your network assetts are all done in a neat and tidy fashion with any ability to create closed loop feedback.  Look it up on the Web and see how you might be able to improve you network. Otherwise it is elimination until fault found.


I hope this provides you with some help, wish it was more.


Cheers, Jeff

If you go through life with your head buried in the sand,......all people will see is an ass..!
I am an OPTUS customer and NOT in their service.!!!!

Re: Sagemcom Router with NBN dropping network connection


@rosscolazzo I've seen similar behaviour with the Sagemcom  router and I too have a large network.  I never looked into it as I very quickly decided it was best putting it in birdge mode and run my own virtual router./firewall.  I always suspected it was an issue with port exhaustion with NAT.  The VOIP side will keep woirking as it's on the public interface not the internal one.


Given you're already usung UBNT kit, as I do, and if you don't mind losing the phone then look at bridging and get a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X.  If you want to keep the phone going you can get the SIP info out of the Sagemcom box.

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Thanks rcarde appreciate your input.

I agree it's got to be the Optus Router so I've ordered an alternative. I decided to order an Asus RT-AC68U for about $240 - seems like it's got heaps of grunt with a dual processor and some cool features so let's hope it does the job for me.

Unfortunately I need to keep the VOIP for a number of reasons including an alarm dialler and backup for the questionable mobile reception in the area.

So I'll try to connect both the Optus unit to handle purely the VOIP functionality and the Asus router to handle the rest. I've briefly read about bridging but need to do some more investigation about how to make it work. Alternatively, someone suggested I contact Optus to get the VOIP settings to use with the new router and if I can't get them to contact the telephone ombudsman. Not sure this will get anywhere but could be worth a try?


Any pointers on hooking this up to make it work properly?




Re: Sagemcom Router with NBN dropping network connection


I have 10 wireless devices and 20 wired ones via a few switches onto the sagecom modem and can confirm my modem also drops out every 15 minutes. 


When end I added my router to the modem and put the wired devices through that the problem fixed. ie the sagecom modem is useless for even 30 devices including only 10 wireless devices 

Re: Sagemcom Router with NBN dropping network connection


Perhaps you should switch to a business account (with Optus) and get a business-grade device. You should also post your method of connection - FTTP, ADSL, etc - and the modem-router ID - wireless AC or N version.

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