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Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864V3AC

I am finding my connection to the internet becoming interrupted/stalled far too often for my liking AND for the money I pay each month for the service. I have been told in the past that the system in my area is unstable and have left it at that and continued to be frustrated when, for example, my Netflix connection drops out and or the percentage downloading "wheel" keeps spinning and stops then telling me to try again later. I could be watching a race via my TAB account and again far too often the race freezes with the downloading wheel spinning and spinning away. I have to revert to my iPad 4G connection time and time again which angers me greatly when I have an Unlimited NBN account. Can't do that of course with a smart TV or iMac desktop can I!!


NB. What is most curious to me is that I have a fairly new modem IE. SAGEMCOM Gateway F@st 3864V3 AC and far too often when I have a problem with connection I switch it off and back on again (reboot) which seems to correct the connection problem. THAT to me says it is an equipment problem and nothing to do with the line stability. My son suggests that the firmware may not be up to date. I am no IT wizard, but from what I have read, Optus itself automatically ensures the device is up to date correctly. Is there a process to check that?


Any suggestions from anyone with this or is it simply the substandard NBN system we as Australians have been presented with???     


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Re: Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864V3AC

Firstly the "NBN system" isn't sub standard, this is the media beat up everyone wants you to believe.


The NBN is just a "giant network switch" and ISPs pay to connect you to said network.


If you are getting "drop outs" then this means your "line" isn't as strong as it seems, have you spoken to Optus to get this speed issue looked at?

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Re: Sagemcom Gateway F@st 3864V3AC

Set your devices (Hopefully you dont have many like my house) to static and the problems will go away...


If you have searched around in the forum and you will eventually see the number of complaints from customers for F@ST 3864V3AC showing random dropouts.

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