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New Contributor Joe33t
New Contributor

Sagemcom FAST 3864V3AC replacement modem not setup


I've received a replacement modem and it's the Sagemcom FAST 3864V3AC. 


Its not set up when I've received it and no matter how or how many resets I do, it doesn't restore to anything except: 



LAN IPv4 Address:
WAN IPv4 Address:  
Default Gateway:  
Primary DNS Server:
Secondary DNS Server:


When I connected directly from the NBN box, the internet works. But of course thats only configured for use with a single eevice. 


Any help would be appreciated? 

Optus want to send someone out but it's a week away. 




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Trusted Contributor
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Re: Sagemcom FAST 3864V3AC replacement modem not setup

Joe, when you keep swapping devices, you need to wait at least "30 minutes" for the lease on your device to expire before another one can be connected. If you are plugging in a "computer", get it to "release" the IP address before plugging in the S@GEM.


Windows: ipconfig /release

Mac: Doesn't have a "specific" release command like Windows does.

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