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Sagemcom F@ast3864v3 modem and ADSL2+ Login credentials


The entry of ADSL2+ Login credentials is required in the modem user guide instructions, “test your connection” when setting up this modem on the NBN. Therefore if not using ADSL2+, why is this printed as required on the instructions? Is this really necessary?

Re: Sagemcom F@ast3864v3 modem and ADSL2+ Login credentials



Evening @erani


I wonder if the user guide is intended for those that have migrated from an ADSL service  - NBN service.


Do you have the digital user manual (PDF version), or the hardcopy version of the user guide? 


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Re: Sagemcom F@ast3864v3 modem and ADSL2+ Login credentials


Thanks for your reply Dan.

I can't locate the pdf version of the "Let's get you connected" User Guide on the Optus website. It is an ordeal navigating through Support if you don't hit the correct search terms or find the right menu. I have seen it previously though, and it is the same as the printed version which is supplied with the modem and is with the "self install kit".

In any event, the modem is working just fine without the ADSL2+ login credentials. I have not changed the default username and password that populates these fields which are located in the "Setup and Confuguration" menu of the modem web browser interface.

As the Sagemcom F@ST3864v3 AC modem can be connected to an ADSL service equally as well as to an NBN service, I will just assume that the user guide requirement is unnecesary and misleading if you are connecting the modem to the NBN.

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