Sagemcom F@ST3864V3AC no LAN but WIFI OK


Hi there,


Yesterday my LAN connection dropped out, but WIFI is working fine (I can connect to the net via WIFI, but not LAN).


I have several devices that connect to the net via LAN, none of them are able to connect now.


I've tried rebooting the modem and running a diagnostics check via Modem settings - everything looks OK according to the diagnostics, but still no LAN connection.  If it were just the one device then I'd assume it was the cable, but it's 3 devices that plug in via LAN, so I doubt all three cables or devices failed at the same time.


Any ideas?


BTW, how do I can contact Optus support directly for some help with this?




Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864V3AC no LAN but WIFI OK


Just try LIVECHAT here online (also via the optus phone app). 


Ensure you try a DHCP based LAN connection (auto) as well as try hard code one of your device network settings to see if its maybe just a settings issue. 


Are you finding the internet not available? Or can you for example not print from a PC to a printer on your local network?


Any little lights flashing on the plug points (at either end of the cable?)


Double check your DNS (Primary and Secondary) - set the primarry to (which is google)


But otherwise it seems like something might be busted. Bit of a weird break though (would definitely rule out some wayward network setting first) 


Optus should send a replacement out free on request.


Peter Gillespie



Re: Sagemcom F@ST3864V3AC no LAN but WIFI OK


Great reply, thanks Peter.


I’ll give these suggestions a go and let you know if it solves the issue.








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