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Sagemcom F@ST 3864v3 AC modem, Arris CM8200 powered-on always?

The perenial question, is it best to leave the modem (Sagemcom F@ST3864v3 AC) and/or gateway (eg ARRIS CM8200) powered on 24/7.

This has been done to death extensively on this and other forums, but I ask the question from the longevity perspective as I feel it has not been covered effectively, and Sagemcom or Optus have not issued a recommendation.

I have no phone connected so I do not need reception at night, and whilst I am sensitive to environmental isssues, the standby power of being constantly on does not trouble me. The on/off switch on the modem especially may not last the distance over time if using repeatedly, so if you connect to a powerboard to turn off and on, then this will not be an issue.

I turn my off modem at night and leave the gateway powered on always (as ARRIS recommend this, why?- they do not explain). Is this OK or best from the perspective of ensuring a trouble free and long life modem and gateway? Can you think of why I should not follow this practice?

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Re: Sagemcom F@ST 3864v3 AC modem, Arris CM8200 powered-on always?

It’s always better to leave them on, consumer electronics aren’t really designed to be off/on/off/on. The solder often heats and cools which causes connectivity issues.


as for the arris, if nbn do update works overnight and your device is offline they can’t update it, which can cause connectivity issues too.


the amount of power they consume is highly negligible 

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