Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


Thanks for this.


So, by setting the DHCP to 99, we can still tell external devices to use a specific IP address above 100?

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


I too want just express my thanks for taking the time to write up that that work around. Great work!


I can't beleive that OPTUS would allow the provisioining of a router with crapy code that cant let you even add a Static IP for printing which is a common thing these days.


Pathetic user experince OPTUS... Smiley Mad It wouldnt take that much effort to release new rev. of software... lift your game OPTUS!! Smiley Frustrated

Never had these problems with BigPond Routers! Serves me right for trying OPTUS out!

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing

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Still seeing this issue, the workaround gets us through but this Modem was supplied as part of a Business Optus NBN account, and this type of functionality is pretty crucial, especially when we don't seem to be able to just swap out this router for another.

Come on Optus pull the finger out and either start replacing these modems or get the basic DHCP functions working.


This issue also affects the F@ST3864V3OP


Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing

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Yes!  Vigi you are the bomb!

Thank you so much for this solution.  As of 11 March 2019 it still works.


Also, I created a Googlesheet to make the process just a few seconds faster.  It just creates the URL for you (and provides a handy way to store your MAC addresses/IPs, eg when we replace the Sagemcom Smiley LOL).  GoogleSheet

Optus: As others have said, pull your finger out and provide a better solution for your customers.  The ability to set static IPs is hardly an advanced feature.

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


Wow... this has been going on for about a year?!?!?! Received my V3AC today and was having the same issue. Thanks to Vigi for the solution... and hashbrown14 for the Googlesheet. That made things a lot easier. 


Obviously... Optus isnt going to change this. I can't really come up with a reason for them taking away the ability to assign ip addresses from the router... did it make their customer calls to tech support less? or more? was this some sort of experiment??? seriously... its so annoying... im pretty sure they know about this issue. meh... no use saying anything here. 


thank you again for the solution. 

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


Yup! ^What he said^



Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


Thanks Vigi for posting the workaround solution.

No thanks Sagemcom and Optus for having this bug still sitting there in consumer equipment for a year.

My Netgear combined cable modem + router got zapped in the Sydney storms last week and I was shocked to see that the technician replaced it with 2 separate boxes and recommended that I buy my own router because they've had so many complaints about this one.  Really poor experience that the first thing I want to configure after the SSID and password is set up the static NAS and printer IP addresses and the basic function doesn't work.

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


"Please note that Sagemcom isn't happy to issue more than 16 IP addresses at one time (per band)."


Seriously!? Can someone confirm this? I'm trying to troubleshoot an issue for a client and I suspected DHCP. They are a Business NBN customer and dealing with this modem has been a nightmare. I've switched their premesis over to UniFi APs but I'm still reliant on the Sagemcom for everything else. Is the DHCP pool seriously 32 IPs large?! WHAT WAS OPTUS THINKING!?! WHO approved this pile of junk!?!


Slightly off topic, can anyone confirm whether or not its possible to put the Sagemcom into bridge mode? I can't get rid of the modem completely because the client requires VoIP.

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


I can't believe that basic functuality is not included in this modem.


1 year ago the issue was raised, and Still not fixed. 


Is this a vivid display of the contempt Optus holds for it's cunsomers?


I had the V1 version of this modem and it worked


How hard is it for their tecs to copy and past the code from the v1 or V2 firmware to the v3 firmware

Re: Sagemcom F@ST™ 3864V3AC Static IP page missing


well... think about it.. basic functionality... basic product... basic problems... basic solutions... results to shorter calls when fixing a customers problem. shorter calls... means more calls... its all about the stats. they must have assumed, people with technical knowledge should be the only ones tinkering with the router. and its those technical minded people were the ones who would troubleshoot the problem first before calling optus. which then means... they left the answers here for us to find... so that they can help other optus customers on how to setup their email app or something. hihi.


just picture it... a techie is trying to help a customer setting up their dhcp server. hehe... think how many versions of phonetic alphabets the tech will be hearing when its time to get the mac address. hehe. anyways... ciao

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