Sagemcom 3864 v3 wifi problem cause by dual bandwidth


Date:July 2019, i got new NBN connect. I found out my device such playstation or tv etc.. can not find wifi network from the router Sagemcom. I read few comments and found out that the Sagemcom router have two bandwidth 2.4Ghz (on or off) and other one is 5Ghz (on or off). So make sure login to the router account enter username and password (found it at the back of router). And then go router wireless setting, you should see wo or w1 etc . Click one of them to enable or disable and then you should see it display 2.4ghz or 5ghz bandwidth. I recommend turn both bandwidth (on) so most old and latest devices (iphone, tv, multimedia etc)  can be use on these bandwidth and you should be able to see your SSID on the wireless network. 

Re: Sagemcom 3864 v3 wifi problem cause by dual bandwidth

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You can also try using these DNS servers also Fast DNS Servers Australia Fast Link Speed | Ping | Latency | 1000Mbps DNS Connection Link


Melbourne Core Primary Secondary

Sydney Core Primary Secondary

Brisbane Core Primary Secondary

Perth Load Balanced Primary Secondary

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