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SagemCom F@ST3864V3AC : how to active POE (Power Over Ethernet)

1.I want to connect a WAP that needs POE to my Modem SAGEMCOM. 

I am wondering how can I active it?

My problem is the WIFI is pretty poor with iPhones and iPads. 

So, I found it could be helpful to have another WAP for a better signal. 



2. How can we update the framework of the modem? 

Is there any link?

I think the poor WIFI connection could be sorted by upgrading the framework.


Thanks in advance

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Re: SagemCom F@ST3864V3AC : how to active POE (Power Over Ethernet)

I think you mean Firmware, not Framework.  The firmware is automatically updated by Optus in the modem, when new versions are released it will automatically download and update.


Sagecom Modems do not Support POE on its Ethernet Ports, you would need to use a POE switch, in between the Sagecom, and the POE device, or a POE injector.  I'd suggest looking to see you can locally power the POE device with a plug pack, and then just plug into the Sagecom device. 


You can certainly have another Wifi Access Point behind the Sagecom Modem, but it will need either a POE injector or be locally powered.

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