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@leee sooner or later we have to switch to nbn or go wireless. Unfortunately, australia is going for an inferior system. Anyway that is another can of worms. speed of 38 is not too bad, please do a speed test via a lan cable and see if you are getting closer to 44Mbps. 


1. With the same distance, 5GHz should give you faster speed but less range. Saying that the Sagem modem isn't great for range. What is your environment like, many electrical things, walls, distance etc? could you please let me know what you mean by "slower by the number of bar"? I usually use app to test the speed on my mobile. Try to do a few test with clear line of sight about 1 meter away from the modem to get a wireless baseline then test again in the location that you will be using the devices most. 


2. You can connect the Lan port from the sagecom to the wan port on the netgear. The netgear will be the one controlling the wireless network. If you  want you can go into the wifi setting of the sagemcom and disable its wifi.


3. i won't disable the dhcp on the sagemcom as it will need to assign an address to the netgear. you can change it's wifi channel in the advanced setting.


I am assuming that you have NBN HFC, from memory you can connect the Netgear (wan port) to the Black NBN (aries) box, and everything should work, including the phone. You can give it a go and see if you are getting internet and phone to work with the netgear. If it works then you can put the sagemcom aside for "the rainy day".  Have fun.

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Re: Sagecom F@ST™ 3864AC BAD WIFI


@SillyGogo @ First of all. Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately I don’t have a laptop to check a LAN connection speed but 44 is a myth because I remembered that after the technician hooked up everything his reading was around 43 and he considered to be as good as it gets and I believed him. 

1. The number of bars refer to the bars on the WiFi symbol. Our house is a highset double brick with internal brick walls as well.  Guess there would cause a bit of interference. 

2. When I connect a Sagemcom LAN port to the WAN on the Netgear the Downstream light is continuously flashing yellow.  The internet and upstream lights are completely off.  Same as when the Netgear WAN port connected directly to the NBN box. I think Optus has deactivated the Netgear rendered it not able to be connected to their server. 


Re: Sagecom F@ST™ 3864AC BAD WIFI

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@leee thank you for the updates. Unfortunately, I no longer have my Netgear cable modem to test, so I might get you to do you playing around with my poor memory.


If you stand due West, with a can of beer on your left arm and a glass of Congac on your right arm. Balancing the phone on your head then you should able to achieve the 44Mbps. Seriously, 43Mbps would be the best you can get on a NBN50 connection. To be honest the real life different between 40 and 50 is insignificant, so I won't worry too much. From the technician's test getting 43Mbps, probably next to the modem, means that the connection into your home is working fine. The next thing you need to work with is to get the 43 to your devices at the desire locations. There isn't a simple answer, it involve many trial and error and might cost you for some new equipments or cabling. 


As you are now with NBN HFC, the connection is done mainly with the Black Aries modem. So the Netgear modem should be active and can be use as an access point.


My suggestion are:

1. Conect the Netgear to the Aries modem and see if you can get the desire speed. 

a. Go into the netgear menu, look for a WAN backup option and enable it to ethernet, I think it is in the advanced menu. once you done that, then the both Wan and Coax port will be active. Connect the lan cable from the Aries modem to the Netgear Wan port. 

b. connect your device to the netgear's wifi and see if you get a internet connection . IF yes, then 1 win, next do a speed test at 1 meter away, if you get 43 then 2 win. go to different area of your home and do speed test again, if you can get above 40 then 3 win. 

c. plug a phone into the netgear phone port to see if the line is working, if yes then 4 win. 


If you can get 4 wins...then winner winner chicken dinner. !!!! you owe me a beer. 


Lets start with that and see how many wins you can get.


Option 2.

Using the Sagem as the controller and the Netgear as the wifi router.

a. Enable the wan port as above, connect the sagem's lan port to the netgear's Wan port and repeat tests from above.


Option 3

Using the sagem as the controller and the netgear  as the wifi access point.

a. Go into netgear menu and disable DHCP.

b. connect the sagem's lan port to the netgear's lan port. 

c. connect your device to netgear's wifi and repeat tests from about.


Option 4. 

1. Wire your home with Cat6 cable at the rooms that you will be using the wifi at most.

2. Put in an wifi access point or a wifi mess device at each of those outlet. 


Have fun. 

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Re: Sagecom F@ST™ 3864AC BAD WIFI


Hi. I've had to make a few changes to my home network to improve the reliability of our internet connection. The Sagemcom router that Optus included in the package wasn't doing a good enough job. We experienced far too many dropouts. So I upgraded the router and got myself a switch. The problem was the new router wouldn't support VOIP. So after a search in the Yes Crowd forum, the solution I went with (provided by petergdownload) was to:

  • connect the Sagemcom via ethernet cable to one of the LAN ports on the switch (wifi on the Sagemcom should be disabled as its function now is simply to provide VOIP capability - phone line stays connected into the Sagemcom)
  • switch connects to one of the LAN ports on the router and any hardwired device that I'm using connects via the switch
  • NBN box connects to the new router via WAN

I haven't configured anything else, like disabling DHCP on the Sagemcom or fixing IP addresses, as everything is working as it should (thus far). As for wifi, the new router handles that. 


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