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How hard is it OPTUS, we asked forNBN in Jan it got fitted on 13th MARCH we bought new hand set for NBN and Optus said nothing about what happened next, they discontiued our land line number and gave us a new one, this we did not ask for, so since the 13th March nobody, including family or friends can contact us by phone, we have been given a new number this was only told to us on the 26th March by a supervisor, all contacts before this said nothing about new number, so now we have a land line with a new number and this is still not working, we have been told wait untill the 5th April and maybe we can get our old number back, a 50/50 chance, all this we did not ASK FOR , so that makes about 3 weeks with no abillaty of getting phone calls, is this a joke or what, have made several chats and got multipull remedys of which none have been seen to or applied, just pass the buck, every time, i have since logged a complaint with the OMBUSMANS office and got a TIO NUMBER, OPTUS complaints have gone up 35% in WA this year alone I CAN SEE WHY i am a disgruntled OAP IN PERTH    

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Can only agree. OPtus must be handling 100's of NBN connections a day and yet they don't seem to have a simple, transparent, verifiable and CONSISTENT process in place. How hard is it to create a single data entry point where the sales person enters in the not too many variables (address, phone kept? name, date, deal, monthly cost, speed, etc.) which can then be sent to the customer for confirmation and then sent to the NBN for action. 


Instead, Optus seem to make the sale and then leave it to the customer to find out what is going on and what they actually signed up for somewhere down the track. I assume it lines up more times than it doesn't but its really not good enough IMO too.


Good luck getting it straightened.


Peter Gillespie 

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