SNAFU ChOptus. Where can I look up a the status of a Case No?


I was sent an SMS with a Case No. & a link. The link leads nowhere where you can look up the status of the Case No.
SNAFU Optus!!!

You call yourself a Communications Company!!!!
Your communications are the worst in the world....
Webpages which lead in circles. Links which don't lead to where you say they do.
When you do finally find a phone No to call, it only leads to circlulous flow charts of options & either get hung up or it drops out, or get told to go online...

... which then leave you with On-line chats not being connected for 20-30 mins.. 
SNAFU Optus!!!
#SNAFUOptus, #ChOptus, #CaseNofail, #casenumberfail.

Re: SNAFU ChOptus. Where can I look up a the status of a Case No?


Optus does not have an online tool for looking up fault cases.


they only have an online tool for viewing orders placed on the system (like new phone, plan changes etc).

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