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Re: SMTP problems

I know it's Christmas, but...


I logged a fault on the 9/12, asking to speak to a lvl 3 tech...


Got a phone call on the 10/12 and spoke with someone at Optus (can't remember his title).  He took notes as I explained things to him and indicated that he would pass this onto the level 3 techs and would get back to me in a few days.


Fast forward to the 25/12 and I haven't heard anything - that's OVER 2 weeks (ticket #20247157).


In the interim, Emails have worked rather sporadically, with no real rhyme or reason or contuinity.  Testing over the past few days has shown Emails are not working at all (100% failure to arrive at my Yahoo address).  I've had only a single failure notice returned to me for an Email attempt on the 18/12 (failure notice arrived on the 23/12).  


Optus, why am I not getting all failure notices?  


Optus, why has this issue not been resolved?


Optus, why have I not received any further correspondence to the aformentioned ticket?


Optus, why has no mod/community manager communicated with us in this (and the other) threads?  


Optus SMTP server is still listed on a RBL (backscatterer).  I have not re-cheded the other 2 Optus SMTP server IP addresses.  


Can customers get an update on this please?  


Given the poor communication from Optus, and poor technical support, customers should be compensated for their troubles.  

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