I have now been connected with an Optus plan in the Hobart region for 1 year, I would like to start on a positive note and say whenever I have spoken to a customer reprehensive they are always polite and understanding over the phone.


Moving on. Originally I chose to connect on a 12Mbps/1Mbps, the speed was increased in December to 25mps/5mps. With this increase I was hoping to get faster internet as the speed 12 – 25 Downloads and 1 – 5 uploads is stated as per the speed pack 2 on the website. I have been in contact with customer support on numerous occasions and attempted to find a solution to the exceptionally slow speeds I am receiving from my connection. I have stopped contacting them as all I continue to get is – there are known issues in Hobart or we will look into it and text you once the issue is fixed.


Please see a list of dates, times and speeds:

22/06/2014 – 20:06 – D 11.83 Mbps – U 0.84 Mbps

01/07/2014 – 10:17 – D 1.19 Mbps – U 0.05 Mbps

20/09/2014 – 16:57 – D 8.53 Mbps – U 0.75 Mbps

24/11/2014 – 22:24 - D 1.52 Mbps – U 0.81 Mbps

29/12/2015 – 17:52 – D 09.30 Mbps - U 1.57 Mbps

Average speeds

  • D 6.47 Mbps
  • U 1.57

Over those months I had a few issues but generally speeds were not super-fast but manageable.


Then the service just goes on a downward spiral – See Below a small list of recorded speeds:

11/02/2015 - 21:02 –  D 0.23 Mbps – U 0.28 Mbps

11/02/2015 – 21:06 – D 0.66 Mbps – U 4.91 Mbps

14/02/2015 – 14:55 – D 0.75 Mbps – U 4.80 Mbps

14/02/2015 – 18:15 – D 1.01 Mbps – U 4.76 Mbps

16/02/2015 – 18:43 – D 5.76 Mbps – U 2.53 Mbps

12/03/2015 – 21:44 – D 3.00 Mbps – U 3.25 Mbps

22/03/2015 – 17:03 – D 2.28 Mbps – U 2.65 Mbps

14/04/2015 – 21:40 – D 3.36 Mbps – U 2.55 Mbps

15/04/2015 – 21:50 – D 1.99 Mbps – U 2.98 Mbps

03/05/2015 – 10:34 – D 0.06 Mbps – U 0.02 Mbps

03/05/2015 – 15:54 – D 1.30 Mbps – U 0.20 Mbps

An amazing jump for about 15 mins – 03/05/2015 – 17:08 – D 22.20 Mbps – U 4.91 This proves the line, and device is capable of such speeds.

03/05/2015 – 17:46 – D 3.11 Mbps – U 2.62 Mbps

07/05/2015 – 18:35 – D 0.86 Mbps – U 0.49 Mbps

07/05/2015 – 23:36 – D 0.82 Mbps – U 1.29 Mbps

17/05/2015 – 11:11 – D 5.55 Mbps – U 2.91 Mbps

23/05/2015 – 13:26 – D 3.93 Mbps – U 3.99 Mbps

Average speeds

  • D 1.57 Mbps
  • U 1.82 Mbps


All these readings were taken from multiple devices ranging from my laptop to my phone. I am always at a loss on how uploads can be faster than downloads?


I do understand that the contracted speed is not the general speed I would always expect to receive “as stated when joining with Optus.” Even if I was to expect 50% of the contracted speed of 25 Mbps (12.5 Mbps) I am still only receiving 12.6% of that speed.


During this whole period I am expected to continue to pay for a service which on average is 6% of the contracted speed. I can assure you if I was only paying 6% or even 12.6% of my total bill, my service would be disconnect immediately. To put it in another term - I work fulltime 38 hours a week, if I was only present at work for 2 hours and 16mins to 4 hours and 46mins (6% to 12.6%) would I get paid for working 38 hours?


I was in two minds if to post this on the community wall or if to send this to customer services I though with my previous experience with customer service the letter/email with these details would be put in the same pile “we will look into it.”


Looking forward to others comments and to see if other people are experiencing the same long standing problems.






Was tech support able to provide you with an approximate time frame for a resolution to the known issue in Hobart?


If you have been provided any fault reference numbers that you can provide, we'd be happy to take a closer look at this for you.

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I have the same problem, I live in the middle of the city in Sydney 2000 NSW, in a 57 stories building in World Square (5 minutes walk from Darling Harbour), been on the phone many time with Optus support and case management, no omprovements yet.


I had a 25/5 connections barely getting 3Mbps if I was lucky! Usually 0.5Mpbs to 5Mpbs If i'm really lucky!


Now upgraded to 100/40 Mpbs, barely getting 24Mpbs tonight an usually 30-50Mpbs on 100MPBS connection in the middle of the city! Terrible! 


I can't even imagine what some of you are getting a few Kilometers away from the city must be horrible!


They tell me my line speed is 72Mbps MAX (Why are they advertising 100Mbps in Sydney CBD if they cant deliver 50% of that?)


Most speed are between 30-50Mbps....very far from the 100MPbs advertise (even if they say "Do you have Ethernet?"


Who has 1990 ethernet in 2016? Computer dont even have those ports anymore!)



To keep an eye on my Speedtest which are terrible from Optus:



Here are mine on 100Mbps/40Mbps in Sydney CBD 2000 NSW (Can't be any slower in the middle of the city in Sydney!!!):


Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 7.27.56 pm.jpg




Hey naik_michel, I've replied to your other post here. Best to keep responses in same thread so we can keep track of the conversation.

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