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New Contributor MickeyMiles
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I' on the 100/40 plan with Optus and I have fiber to the premise connection. Why is my down load speed so slow I get 47mbs on a good day, it is very intermittent sometimes as slow as 3mbs. My upload speed is always 38mbs it never changes so no complaints there. I use a be netgear nighthawk X6 router. 

HOW do I get this fixed? Anyone? OPTUS CAN YOU LOOK INTO THIS FOR ME ASAP. 

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Esteemed Contributor
Esteemed Contributor

Re: SLOW FTTP ON 100/40

Its possible its equipment in your house, but from what you describe there's an issue with your NBN connection. A speedtest outside of peak hours (7pm - 11pm) should always return around 100Mbps download on FTTP. Have you noticed if slow downs in your speed happen mainly in peak hours?


The good news is it should be a pretty easy fix. Instead of yelling at fellow customers I suggest you contact Optus direct (Livechat 24/7) and request someone do some tests on your line. If they can't find a fix then you could request they send a NBN tech out to diagnose the issue. 


Note the problem could also be your modem. Sometimes a hard reset and reconfigure will fix that (YOu may be able to save configuration settings before the hard reset). Alternatively raise the possibility of Optus sending out a replacement modem.




Peter Gillespie

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