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I am wanting to change to a better router/modem to use with my nbn that supports voip.

Currently I have the sagemcom gateway 3864V3 ac which I believe it's wireless signal isn't strong enough to support the amount of devices I have plus it doesn't have any external attenaes.

Any suggestions would be great 



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Re: Router/modem

what is your setup and what you are trying to achieve, The quick answer is NO, there is no BYO modem that with support VOIP as Optus does not provide you with the VOIP details. The long answer is depending on what you want and how to setup your system. 


1. Remove the modem to a better spot. 

2. Use the optus modem with VOIP and a new router for your wifi. I've a tried a few and found the Asus 86U and the Netgear D7000 with good results. 

3. BYO modem + ATA (eg Cisco SPA122), Google for VOIP details. 

4. Cable your home and place the router at the weak spot and run it an access point.

5. Wifi extenders and repeaters 

6. Change the channel on the optus modem. 

7. Could be a faulty modem (troubleshoot)


So there are few things available to you, its all depends on your setup and environment.

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