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We just transferred our Fixed Wireless NBN ISP from Telstra to Optus.  I connected the new Router last night and there seems to be some problem with the Router security settings.  We cannot connect any of our Apple Devices as they seem to think the Router requires an Enterprise login (it is only set to WPA/WPA2) and we cannot log in to online banking via wifi on our android devices.  Any idea on a solution?  

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Hey @kristylh, cheers for coming through Smiley Happy Can I just confirm that you're using an Optus supplied modem? Or were you still using the old Telstra modem? Are you able to connect to Wi-Fi on a desktop/laptop? I'm just confused by "enterprise log in" comment - I'm not quite sure what that's referring too. I'm also note quite sure of the correlation between your Wi-Fi network password and your ability to log into online banking. Any further info would be great here. 


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Re: Router Security


We changed the modem over to the Optus Modem.  The Apple devices (3 Ipads and 2 Ipods) are all asking for a "Username" and "Password" when we try and connect to the Optus Wi-Fi.  All our Android devices (HTC, Samsung, Huawei and Chromecast) are all connecting to the Optus Wi-Fi with no problem (as per normal WPA encryption for home network they just ask for a password).  The Apple devices will connect to the Chromecast no problem.    The desk top and telephone lines are working fine.  When I try and login to online banking (using my online banking username and password) on an Android device connected to Wi-Fi it comes up with "an unexpected error occureed, try again later" message, but if I disconnect from Wi-fi and login while connected to mobile broadband then there is no problem.  I have rung the Optus help desk who tell me it is an Apple problem, I have rung the Apple help desk who say it is an Optus problem.  I believe, given that everything was working on the Telstra modem perfectly 10 minutes before the Optus modem came online, that it is an Optus problem.  

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Also, we have tried using the SSID and the Optus Account Username and "admin" and the Apple username as the username on the IOS devices and none work.

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Hi @kristylh,


I wanted to double-check RE: the SSID / Password situation - did you get a fridge magnet (or a business card) that has your default login details (i.e., what the Wi-Fi name and password is)? If so, that is the information required to access the Modem's Wi-Fi.


At no point are you required to use your Optusnet username and password to log on to your Wi-Fi (there is no point in using the 802.1x protocol; the Wi-Fi is not federated - akin to Telstra Air - and, therefore, only requires WPA2 PSK / AES encrpytion).


By the way, am I right to assume that the Modem has been left at its default settings?



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Re: Router Security


Sorry I thought I made it clear that we used the SSID and password combination which came on our fridge magnet as one of the many, many combinations to try and login.  Yes the modem is at it's default settings.  As far as I am aware, WPA protected networks should never ask for a username to log in.  Only Enterprise protected networks.  That is why I believe there is a problem with the router. 


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Hey @kristylh - this does sound a bit strange, to log in you should just need to confirm your SSID username and password, when you get the pop up have you tried entering your Administration username and password for the MacBook/iMac? I find sometimes I need to do this on mine?


More than happy to look into this further for you too if you can PM me through your full name, DOB and the Optus Account number or Internet username. 

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