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Retaining Optusnet email when movong from Cable to NBN

I am moving from Optus cable to Optus NBN.

Will my Optusnet email be automatically transferred as well?

This is essential to me as it would be extremely difficult to change my email with all my contacts and links.


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Re: Retaining Optusnet email when movong from Cable to NBN

Hi @GBall, thanks for reaching out to us here.  It's great to hear you're making the move from Optus Cable to the Optus NBN network.  Your OptusNet email account should automatically be transferred to your new NBN service.

If you'd like us to confirm if your email account is in the process of being transferred to your new service, please feel free to send us a private message via our Social Media pages (official Optus Facebook page or Twitter page) where we'll be able to obtain your details securely and take a closer look at your account.

Alternatively, you can reach us on a smart device via our Messaging service on the My Optus app 24/7.

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Re: Retaining Optusnet email when movong from Cable to NBN

@GBall  I would make sure you have a backup of your email and contacts as Optus have from other posts I have seen in the past had issues with email when things change. By issues I mean all of it was deleted.


I suggest having a read of the following as it may help in the long run:

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Re: Retaining Optusnet email when movong from Cable to NBN

Hi GBall,

As mentioned the email should cross over automatically and even if it doesn't Optus can hook it back up afterwards.

But also as mentioned you've become aware that you are 100% at the mercy of Optus. You have no option but to keep paying them for your internet or you will lose it. Optus provide no option to keep your email if you leave.

Also RSPs have begun leaving the email business. It made sense when they were the only way to get one but now services like GMail are free and much more secure and powerful). Telstra has stopped providing email services for customers, I suspect Optus will follow suit eventually.

Migrating your email is actually a lot less painful these days and you can do it totally separate to your Optus account (so if you don't like the results then just go back to using Optus). Its also a lot easier to do while you have the Optus email up and running.

AndS provides a link to a step by step starter. Have a play.