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Contributor Bkc98

Replacing Supplied Substandard SegeCom Hardware

I have been an Optus customer for almost 20 years and have been subjected to the NBN for the last 2+ years.


After 2+ years of constant issues, outages, “technicians” on-site, poor Wi-Fi and replacement Optus & NBN modems and routers provided I had finally had enough and figured it couldn’t get any worse.  


I obtained an Asus RT-AC68U router and removed the Optus router.


Instantly my connection went from an average 12MBPS (as low as 0.5mbps) to a consistent 36-40MBPS. Reconnected to Optus provided router and the connection went back to low speed. The only down side is my home phone requires the Optus router to be connected directly to the NBN to work.


If I connect the Optus provided router to the NBN and set my Asus router as only an access point while it does solve the poor Wi-Fi single provide by the Optus Router my internet connection speed goes straight back to below average.


Looking through forums I’m not the only person that has issues with the Optus supplied hardware.


As far as I am concerned the majority of my issues have been caused by either the poor installation of my connection or the hardware provided by Optus.


I finally had the installation issues resolved (hopefully) but have still been suffering from poor internet access due to substandard Optus provided equipment.


Does Optus have any intention of providing a replacement for the existing substandard hardware being provided

Will Optus provide details of compatible hardware that a customer can use to replace the substandard hardware they provide.


I suspect I know the answer to both of the above, No, but hopefully someone here will have an alternative solution as I should not be forced to use substandard equipment supplied by my ISP that prevents me from getting the service I pay for.

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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Replacing Supplied Substandard SegeCom Hardware

Hi bkc98,

We haven't heard much ourselves aside from there will be a new modem coming out at some point, no timeline and no specifics. Keep an eye on our website and forums.

I’m part of the Yes Crowd team, employed by Optus to help run our online community. This guide explains how everything works on here and you should also check out our Community Guidelines.

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